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Posie and Noel came home from hospital Christmas night: it was the best one ever! I'm taking the week off from the web site to enjoy the new arrival and some quality family (and play) time. Got lots to read, lots to listen to, lots to drink... I plan on renewing posting with a vengeance next week. I'll pop into the Pub now and then if you want to keep the threads going. Thanks to everyone who sent us congrats and best wishes. We're all really well. Happy New Year - let's hope it's a good one (without any fear)....



....IT'S A BOY

Noel John Fletcher, born December 24 2004 at Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, New York. Time of birth: 11.08 am. Weight: 7lb, 9oz. Length: 20 inches.
Baby is healthy. Posie and Tony are both elated and exhausted (neither slept Thursday, though only one of them spent the night in labour!), Campbell's a proud big brother - and we look forward to sharing Christmas day together, in the hospital. We feel blessed.

Happy Holidays to everyone at iJamming!

Noel: "A Christmas child, reflecting hope and happiness."



'Don't Stop' 2004, re-recorded version of the Apocalypse 'New Optimism' album track, complete with collage video that brings tears to the eyes… Triple 5 Soul sample sales, quality sweatshirts for under $40… Decent BYO restaurants round the corner from my house (big up to Peperoncino)… My 9-year old son Campbell pulling a dolly loaded with furniture through the streets of Manhattan; I'll have him on the rag-and-bones cart in no time… $6 bottles of wine tasting like $60 bottles… Renewing a working relationship with my former song-writing partner, 20 years after we stopped talking... Finally making use of the extended warranty on our car and insisting on a 'loaner' while our Saturn Station Wagon gets fixed… Getting a pick-up truck just when I need to clean out my wife's office (fortunately, it was the only vehicle the rental shop had in stock!)… The phenomenal job Phil Palazzolo has done rescuing the Apocalypse recordings for the upcoming album… Finding out my next door neighbor is a DJPalace scoring two goals at Old Trafford … Getting hammered at Nevada Smith's courtesy of the bar-owner (a Man U fan) buying us drinks and Palace fans doing likewise… Impromptu Christmas parties with local friends (complete with vintage Champagne)… Decent DJs and bands at publicists' Christmas parties… The Southpaw comedy night: free admission, good humor, $3 pints of Red Hook IPA… Online shopping for those of us who break out in sweat at the very thought of joining the crowds…Our English plumber who comes to unblock a toilet at 30 minutes notice… Finally getting (and digging) the debut M83 album… Seeing Ted Leo cover 'Suspect Device'… Friends, lots of them… Gaining a son… The e-mails that show up from around the world on so many different subjects… Getting paid for writing… The iJamming! Pub… Revisiting Keith Moon's life and death for an addendum to Dear Boy and finding there's still so much more to tell… The Park Slope Food Co-Op on a good day… Christmas lights on our street… My new hair-cut in my new Triple 5 Soul clothes… The miracle that is pregnancy

We can't put 'Don't Stop' 1983 on the album… Triple 5 Soul apeing Ben Sherman, Doc Marten and co. and getting their clothes made in China; me buying the ones made in Macau instead and hearing on the radio the next day that China rules Macau… Restaurants that routinely fuck up your order then get defensive when you complain (move to England; they're used to it there!)… Loading furniture on to the dolly in the first place… Cheap Australian Shiraz; I'm starting to have an allergic reaction.... Wondering where the last 20 years went... Our car's automatic transmission breaking the Friday before Christmas… Having to return the pick-up to the rental shop before I can take it upstate … Struggling to find a perfect copy of 'Home Of The Brave' when it was a perfect recording… Everyone's a DJ… Palace failing to score at home to Charlton or Blackburn when the goals would have meant actual points… Getting hammered on a Saturday lunchtime… Sympathy for friends who host Christmas parties at such impromptu notice that only 5 of us show up… Publicists' Christmas parties that skimp on food and booze; Put 'BYOB' on next year's invite, will you?… The quality of phone service at British instututions; why am I convinced they're hungover, even at 4pm in the afternoon?... The wife asking me to go to Toys R Us the Saturday before Christmas: has she never heard of Online Shopping?… Our hot water boiler falling apart right when we could do without the financial hassle… Getting the debut M83 album one month before the new one!… Not seeing Ted Leo cover 'Dancing In The Dark,' 'In The Crowd' or 'Arms Aloft'… Friends being too far away… Losing a brother… Spending too much time replying to all those e-mails… Being asked to write for free: do I ask my plumber to unblock my toilet for free?… the iJamming! Pub is only virtual… Revisiting Keith Moon's life; it's not a healthy place to spend much time… The Park Slope Food Co-Op on a bad day… Not having time to put up our own Christmas lights this year… my shaven head in the New York winter; so that's what hats are for… The reality of what we're in for after nine months' pregnancy…

...With respect to po1ntman, who started a thread under this name over in the iJamming! Pub…



When I visit other writers' web sites, I'm always surprised to see that they're Shameless Whores when it comes to marketing their work. So, let me start what will surely be a momentous week in my life by playing the Shameless Whore and suggesting these following Stocking Stuffers for your friends and lovers. Amazon.com, amazon.co.uk and barnesandnoble.com are all still guaranteeing delivery by Christmas - and if you do order through them, please use the links supplied below, as the smallest percentage comes back to us in the process.

The biggest night out that you'll ever have in." Jockey Slut
"Hedonism will have you gripped from start to finish, guaranteed." International DJ
More info on Hedonism here

HEDONISM is available mail order in the USA from Barnes&Noble.com. It's available mail order in the UK from amazon.co.uk or musicroom.com.

The first ever R.E.M. biography, fully updated with ten new chapters covering Reveal and beyond. More info here.

REMARKS REMADE available at UK bookstores, amazon.co.uk and musicroom. Available at select stores in the States and through BN.com.

DEAR BOY The British edition of the Keith Moon biography is available in paperback at book stores, amazon.com and amazon co.uk. More info here.

MOON The American edition of the Keith Moon biography is available in paperback at book stores, amazon.com, bn.com and amazon co.uk. More info here

Ok, that's that done with. And to be honest, Christmas is about the last thing on my mind right now. My future son kindly let me get through a lengthy round of Christmas parties last week by staying in his mummy's tummy, and as of this moment of typing that's where he's still hanging out... but his originally stated 'due date' of January 5 is looking increasingly comical. Campbell came on the scene two weeks early, and it seems like Junior is intent to do the same thing. If I disappear offline for a couple of days, you'll surely know why.

TAKE YOUR MAMA... on second thoughts, best not

Back when we thought we wouldn't be parents again until next year – you know, 2005, which still seems months away to most people – we made plans to go out Sunday night to The Scissor Sisters' end of tour show at Hammerstein Ballroom, with VHS or Beta as support. As I'm typing this up, Jake and co. are probably shaking the room to its foundations, while I'm making do with Tommie Sunshine's 'Brooklyn Fire' Retouch of the opening band's 'Night On Fire.' A good remix, it should be said. But still not like being there. Anyway, while clearing things out around here, I also came across a 12" single by the band Five Thirty. Almost every month at Step On this year, someone would bug me for a track or two by this widely forgotten UK band, and every month I would forget to look for it. Is it too late? Probably, but should I find myself spinning again in the New Year (and you know it's bound to happen), I'll try and remember to bring along their cover of 'Come Together' and what initially sounds like a cover of 'Fools Gold' but is in fact called 'Out To Get In.'


Put together in a moment of stressed-out humor. (I think.) Kind of says it all, though, really...

I spent the bulk of Friday in the sarcastically named Seaside Studios here in Brooklyn tightening up Release The Apocalypse Album which, if you've been poking round here regularly, you may know is the long-overdue CD by my old band. It's been a lot of work putting this record together, primarily because the original recordings are in terrible shape – meaning they've been ravaged by the process of time, as opposed to suggesting they were awful recordings in the first place. Still, after three long sessions, it looks like we've just about got it together. And rather than merely throwing the tracks together in chronological order, I've lined them up as the album that might have been: a ten-song teenage journey through a now distant South London. (With a further five demos for bonus.) I'm really proud of it. Wish I could recommend you order Release as your stocking stuffer but it won't be out till the spring. I'm sure you'll manage to wait!

"OH SOUTH LONDON, IS WONDERFUL" (well, it seemed that way at the time...)

Talking of South London… we were doing just that Saturday lunchtime while watching Crystal Palace go down 5-2 to Manchester United at Nevada Smiths. (The game itself, of course, was played in a football stadium, not a New York bar.) And while I sometimes look back on the place (meaning South London, not Nevada Smiths or Old Trafford) and ask myself what the hell I thought was so great about it, I'll always be proud to be Palace. With the greatest respect for those Man United fans who come from or live in that fine English City (no sarcasm there whatsoever), there's nothing like being in a bar full of United supporters – none of them with discernible Mancunian accents – to make you relish your roots. The half dozen of us Palace fans out on Saturday lunchtime at least all once lived within a few miles of the ground. And here I've got to go off on only the slightest tangent and say that I can't think of another bonding issue other than football whereby you could meet a stranger in a bar and find you'd been in the same place on the same day for the same event, not once or twice in your life (as might happen if you'd followed the same band when you were younger), but as much as a hundred times or more.

My first ever League Match was Palace-Man U.... Read about it here.

Such was the case with an old-time Palace fan who had a few years on me, but with whom I ticked off all kinds of shared memories. The following are all from the Malcolm Alison era: Aldershot away, April 1974, where we took over 10,000 fans to a ground whose average had been 3,000 all season for a relegation battle (but were relegated anyway); Walsall away, April 1975 (where I went on my own for my 11th birthday – and we lost 3-0); Sunderland away, FA Cup Quarter Final, March 1976 (where our trains got in at half time, and as we ran to the ground to see at least some of the match, little kids in the Roker End threw bricks down on us from a great height!; we won the game but lost the Semi-Final to Southampton, at Stamford Bridge); and Wrexham away, April 1977, where we won 4-2, with two goals in the last 90 seconds, ending our Promotion rivals' unbeaten home record at the crucial moment and paving the way for our own promotion from the Third Division a week later… Doesn't bother me at all that, with the exception of Sunderland, these games weren't often glamorous and that the away grounds were mostly tips: I wouldn't have swapped it for the world. (Read Coming And Going: The Palace to learn more about what originally turned me on.)

It's therefore geninely pleasing to see that Palace, whose home attendances dipped in the 1980s to a mere 5,000 or so, are now back up with the most loyal of supporters: all 6,000 tickets for Saturday's game at Old Trafford sold out the moent they were put on sale. (As indeed they have for almost every away game this season.) Full credit to the Palace fans who could be heard singing, from across the Atlantic, in the 92nd minute, just after United scored their fifth, "We're going to win 6-5." A sense of humor is an important thing to have if you're going to be a Palace fan.

There's an almost embarrassing proliferation of footie chat over at the iJamming! Pub, which surely can't be the only reason we have about 150 males registered and merely 5 or 6 girls. (Can it?) Still, I want to say thanks again to everyone who's been keeping the chat room so lively. Less than a week ago, I was wondering when we might reach our 1000th post. We've added a solid 50 posts, six new topics, and as many new members in just a few days since then. It's taken on a life of its own, and on that subject I'd better get off and prepare for one…

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The biggest night out that you'll ever have in." Jockey Slut
"Hedonism will have you gripped from start to finish, guaranteed." International DJ

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