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The iJamming! Interview: Wayne Barrett, Slaughter & The Dogs

In advance of my reading in Manchester this Monday November 26 (7pm, Waterstone’s in Deansgate with Tom Hingley, author of Carpet Burns): One of the more interesting interviews I conducted...
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Blighty Bound

This Saturday, I’ll be flying to the UK for two weeks. In one way or another, I’m dealing with four books while over there, which makes me think that, in...
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A Light That Never Goes Out: The Full American Jacket Is In.

Here, finally, is the full jacket for the American edition of A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT: THE ENDURING SAGA OF THE SMITHS, to be published by Crown Archetype/Random House...
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The United States of America

This past August and September, our family took a road trip across the United States of America, traveling to Burning Man and back. Leaving New York (never easy), we traveled...
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The Greatest Ride of Our Lives Part 7: California-Cleveland

Our trip back across the country from Nevada took only half the time we spent getting out there – five days as opposed to ten – but it was equally...
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Think Global, Act Local: Vote Obama. And Cecilia.

Apparently there’s a Presidential Election taking place on Tuesday, although you could be forgiven for not knowing as much if you drive around my part of the Catskills. This morning,...
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