I Witness: Phoenicia is Phriving

Mama’s Boy, a new cafe and market has just opened in the space behind the former Phoenicia Hotel, which burned down a couple of years ago. Mama’s Boy allows for hanging out in the gazebo which itself overlooks Main Street and is looking to stay open late, especially on summer weekends. The tree sculptures out front of the store are a welcome replacement for the previous eye-sore of the hotel’s rubble.


60 Main, located under the Arts Upstairs in the heart of Main Street, sells all manner of arts, crafts, clothing, music, and, especially, super cool rare old books and magazines. It’s the only place I know of that maintain a steady supply of ancient Jamming! magazines – and part of the condition of selling them there on the store’s part was that they should be readily accessible. In other words, you can browse them, as you can other fanzines and underground magazines dating back to the 1960s.


Mount Tremper resident Wendy Drolma has just opened a studio and store on the Phoenicia Boardwalk to make and retail her unique masquerade masks. Not an impulse purchase, perhaps, and not something you might imagine there to be a high demand for, but Drolma is renowned in her craft, supplying Cirque du Soleil among others, and in opening up shop, hopes to fulfill her own desire for fresh working space with the potential to reach a larger customer base – and beautify the village in the process. RIght alongside her, opening only a few weeks before, is Skin Flowers, a new tattoo parlor run by Sunday Dawn-Marie, who is highly regarded in the world of tattooing who has, likewise, created a studio that is beautifully decorated, warm and welcoming. I know who to go to next time I need some ink.


The Phoenicia Festival of the Voice is following up last Sunday’s phenomenally successful Opera on the Phoenicia Green with a full 3-day weekend of song-related activities and concerts – and while the focus may appear to be on the classical, it is by no means exclusively so. Visit the web site for more information: this promises to make Phoenicia an even more popular destination.

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