2 7s Clash

It’s extraordinarily hard to contain my anger about Thursday’s bombings in London. This sadly prevalent form of terrorism that actively encourages and endorses the indiscriminate killing of civilians is beyond my comprehension to accept, beyond my capability to discuss. I’m sick of seeing it, both up close as on 9/11 in New York, and via the global media, in Madrid, Bali, London, Tel Aviv, Baghdad and elsewhere.

And I’m sick of writing about it. But while iJamming! is not one of those web sites that actively blogs and updates and offers links when such an attack takes place (though I appreciated the many that did so over the course of Thursday July 7), nor is it one that merely sticks to a chosen form of content and ignores the news. IJamming! is a personal site in which I express my feelings both about cultural issues close to home and about social issues in the world at large; and when civilians are murdered en masse in London, the city in which I grew up, I feel so utterly useless. I can’t add anything useful to the commentary, but I can’t get on with my usual activities. Yesterday, I stayed silent instead.

If I’m resuming something like iJamming!’s usual output today, it’s not out of any disrespect to the tragedy in London and my many, many friends there, all of whom I am praying are safe and sound. (Campbell, who flew into Manchester Thursday morning, is thankfully spending his holiday in the north of England.) As we learned in New York, as they’ve long understood in Israel, as Londoners have been aware for far too many decades through far too many conflicts, you can’t let these bastards beat you. We love life enough that we want to keep living. And loving. Those who so desperately desire to be either murderers or martyrs to a cause, in direct conflict with the teaching of what they claim to be their religion, should find a nice open space to do so, and blow themselves all up together. To quote Carter’s Jim Bob from the review below, I’m willing to supply the matches. Or to quote Jello Biafra, Siouxsie Sioux and Henry Rollins from the other review below, Fuck you.

These two reviews that follow are of musical documents made by middle-aged South Londoners. The fact that they would have appeared at iJamming! this week anyway makes the timing something of a coincidence. But it’s also a mark of defiance. London, as always, has our love.

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