Happy New Year

A Happy New Year to all iJamming! readers. However you celebrated (and even if you didn’t), I hope your transition was a pleasant and peaceful one. I saw in 2007 at the Mercury Lounge in Manhattan with Radio 4, whose sold-out show concluded with a good old-fashioned stage invasion during an encore of ‘1999.’ Somewhere in the picture below there’s a band playing a Prince song….


I kept it quiet on the front page this last ten days. While I’ve always got things I want to say and words I want to write, I felt like I really needed this holiday period off to focus on family and related issues, especially after what turned out to be a particularly hectic first year of ‘country living.’ I pretty much stayed at home with the wife and kids, looking for Christmas presents to play with, and otherwise attended way too many local parties – four in four days (and nights) over the New Year’s weekend alone. I coped with this rather excessive social schedule by keeping my running shoes sweaty (there’s no better way to shake off a foggy head than jogging several miles in the mountain air!), while managing to get two half-days of luke-warm skiing on a rather depressed and mostly snow-less Hunter Mountain.

Campbell came to join me on the second of those trips (a spring-like blue sky beauty of a day), and after some initial forgetfulness as to which foot he was meant to put forward on his snowboard – it’s eight months since either of us have been out on the ‘snow’ and that was back at the aptly named Snowbird in Utah – he promptly and perfectly linked his turns down the mountain like a mini-pro. I’d say it came back to him like riding a bike, except I think he’s actually better on the board! Here’s hoping we get some proper use of our season tickets over the coming three months.

Here’s also hoping, especially without the temptation of mountain snow to distract me, I’ll be able to get stuck right back in to iJamming! and, fingers crossed, postings will continue to be of sufficient quality and quantity as to keep you all returning. In the meantime, I’ll leave the Daily Downloads up for a couple more days, before removing those files that we had agreed just to host in the short term. So if you haven’t taken advantage of these free and exclusive tracks from Fujiya & Mijaki, Zeitgeist, Radio 4, IDC and Apocalypse, scroll on down and do so now. And welcome to 2007.

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