The iJamming! Weekly(?) Download: Walter Meego

The pre-Christmas iJamming! Daily Downloads proved so popular I’ve decided to see if I can’t find you something decent to (legally) download every week. First up: Walter Meego. The Chicago-based duo (and occasional trio) list among their influences “Dj Shadow, Bjork, Timbaland, Daft Punk, Marvin Gaye, Air, Luomo, Dangermouse, Basement Jaxx, The Beatles, De La Soul, The Police, Saint Etienne, Aphex Twin, Dj Food, Outkast, Serge Gainsbourg,” all of which (with the possible exception of The Police) suggests impeccable taste. However, the most obvious comparison is the one they don’t mention: Walter Meego’s Colin Yarck & Justin Sconza offer precisely the same delightfully addictive combination of modern electro rhythms, unapologetically pop melodies and disarmingly playful arrangements as made Hot Chip’s The Warning many iJamming! readers’ Album Of 2006.

At this moment, even three EPs in, Walter Meego wear their Hot Chip influence too visibly on their shoulder: check out ‘Through A Keyhole’ from their myspace page and you’ll think you’ve stumbled on the Putney hipsters’ new recordings instead. But they’re also capable of being themselves. Watch the rought-cut video for ‘Wanna Be A Star’ and you’ll realize why the song is as much a forecast as it is a piece of sarcasm: taking the “bedroom producers” cliché to its logical limit, Colin & Justin invite enough sunglass-wearing dudes, cute girls and disco balls into their lair to make ‘Daft Punk Is Playing At My House’ look like a decidedly second-rate invitation.

Walter Meego’s Colin & Justin, from their ‘Wanna Be A Star’ video.

‘Wanna Be A Star’ is available for download from here. At the group’s own site, you can also download their ‘Walter Sees Stars’ remix, along with the aforementioned ‘Through A Keyhole.’ Meantime, at the myspace page (where else?) you can hear all three of these tracks along with the minimalist and funky ‘Flosstradamus’ mix of their most recent A-side, ‘Romantic.’ Walter Meego will be appearing in March at South By South West in Austin, where Hot Chip made their American debut last year and never looked back. If Walter Meego can sufficiently update their sound to make it more uniquely their own, they may find themselves treading a similarly star-lit path.

Walter Meego: ‘Wanna Be A Star’ MP3

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