Everybody’s Older Nowadays

I had to find my older son at school for something today. He acted like he’d been visited by the plague. Are all 11-year olds embarrassed to be seen with their dads in the lunch line? Do all elementary age kids lose enough hats, gloves, scarfs, shirts, sweaters and, indeed, coats, that their schools can fill an entire locker room with ‘Lost & Found.’ And is it merely an American tradition to have a “pajama Friday” (SpellCheck won’t let me away with “pyjama”) in the middle of winter, or is the site of seeing the Principal in her jammies a universal thrill?
What to do in an age when print mags are giving way to online mags? If you’re Prophecy magazine, you run an online ad for your offline magazine. See it here.

Prophecy mag: I like the cover.


The mailman brought me a very interesting gift
the other day. (Actually, I use a PO Box, but that doesn’t sound quite so exciting, does it??) The Maxwell Multiple Climax is a “how-to” DVD aimed very much at the male market, and very much in the manner of its title… but presented gleefully as one big send-up of the dreaded infomercial. Tit-illation a plenty, along with good and graphic advice for those who never learned to respect Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s ‘Relax’ as anything more than a pop song. The web site is, um, coming soon, so they say.
The TV audience for the Golden Globes
last Monday night got a bit of a shock – well, those with good music taste did, at any rate – when a commercial for the AARP popped up featuring the Buzzcocks’ ‘Everybody’s Happy Nowadays.’ My British readers might need this one spelled out: the AARP stands for American Association of Retired Persons, and has typically been viewed, at least by those who still prefer night club to golf clubs, as having less street credibility than Dick Cheney. You’d have thought that with old people living longer these days, the AARP wouldn’t need yet more new members, but a few years ago it lowered its entry age to 50-year olds. (Presumably, those 50-year olds don’t have to be retired, either, for people are not just living longer, but working longer these days too.) Hence the groovy ads, which aired not just during the Golden Globes but also during A&E’s new syndication of The Sopranos. Pete Shelley is 51.

Buzzcocks: I was tempted to make jokes about the songs ‘Time’s Up’ and ‘Sixteen’ but that would intimate cynicism or sarcasm. I love Buzzcocks far too much for that. In fact, thanks Pete (and Steve) for writing some of the greatest pop songs in the history of the world. Given how you must have felt when Green Day came along and sold ten million copies of Dookie, you are fully entitled to your payday.

Searching for anecdotes about this Buzzcocks ad – which is no less vulgar than The Clash selling out ‘London Calling’ to Jaguar, I should stress – I came across Serge The Concierge’s site and found a kindred spirit. Serge’s recent posts feature The Buzzcocks, wine from Minervois, the price (and waste) of bottled water, Zen Gardening, and parenting. Serge is French (as he should be with that name) and rather fond of his stuffed frogs (to eat, not for the mantlepiece), but none of us are perfect. Visit Serge The Concierge and tell him i & iJamming! sent you.
A couple of other sites I’ve grooved on this week, literally so: brings us music of all stripes, often in the form of free MP3s; and an old acquaintance from Melody days has shown up in Oregon as DJ Shaggy, hosting a weekly dance music show on local radio which he has rightly now turned into a Podcast. His most recent Shortwave Sessions included The Knife, Fuckpony, Telfon Tel Aviv, Cicada, Lo Fi Fnk and Basement Jaxx – and that was only the first half-hour. You can find his Podcasts here. (and yes, that is another WordPress site: Shaggy has recommended a Plug-In to get our Comments section back up and working. We will betatest and let you know.)
I’ve touted Radio-Indie-Pop several times over the last few years, too, a self-descriptive online station hosted by Rob Sacher of Ludlow Street’s pioneering Luna Lounge. That venue was forced out to make way for yet more of those luxury apartments that have turned the Lower East Side into a travesty of its old self. The new Luna Lounge (re)opens tonight, Friday the 19th, in the almost equally trendy Williamsburg, with a concert by The Comas. Expect a regular line-up of the best in all things jangly, groovy, indie and spacey.
Also taking place tonight is club promoter Michael T’s 40th birthday party. This won’t mean much to most iJamming! readers, but Michael was an old face even back at the start of my own club-promoting days 17 years ago. Most people get out of the club game before it kills them, but Michael – that’s Miss Michael to you – is made of sterner stuff. After a few lean years during the rave generation, Michael re-emerged as one of the faces behind NYC’s famed Motherf*cker party (about which a documentary should be emerging any time soon), and is now seen as that rare thing of beauty – a club kid survivor who has somehow held on to her looks. Happy Birthday Michael. Ten years from now, we expect you to celebrate your AARP membership with a camp performance of ‘Everybody’s Happy Nowadays.’

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