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“I can confirm that since that morning of Thursday July 7, you have not saved one single Muslim’s life in your phoney war for freedom. A war which targets innocent people whose biggest crime was to have a job to go to on a Thursday morning. With so many people committed to peacefully fighting hatred against Muslims all over the world, why bring us more suffering by killing innocent people in London? You are not martyrs for Islam. You don’t even represent your own hard-working mums and dads. I’m glad to know that so many Muslims across this country will march against you. And I pray that millions more people, millions and millions, across the entire world, will march against you and your evil. Because you are not now, and never will be, Muslims to me. You’re confused, over-sized boys, who will never know the magnitude of what you have done to so many innocent people, people that you never even knew.”

From Bradford-born Hassan’s brilliant letter to the “terrorists” (unlike the BBC, he has no qualms in calling them such) in today’s Guardian. I’d decided to print the above paragraph even before I got further into the letter and read of Hassan’s recent encounter with Ian Brown on the London Underground and his memories of the fire at Bradford City Football Club back in 1985. He sounds like an iJamming! reader if ever there was one. Hassan, you do your community proud. But the world needs more of you. In your own words, we need ‘millions and millions.’

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  1. 21 July, 2005 at 1:15 pm

    […] licable to terrorists who think they have the answers but don’t know shit. To quote our man Hassan, and his moving letter to the Guardian written after 7/7 “You have not saved one single Mus […]


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