Dear Boy, Oh God! The Ultimate Keith Moon Quiz

After giving away a copy of my updated Keith Moon biography Dear Boy a little too easily last week, my editor Chris C decided to write up a proper Keith Moon quiz and is offering the following prize:

One copy of my newly updated Keith Moon biography, Dear Boy.
One copy of the revised Who Concert File, published in 2004
One copy of any other one of my books still in print, which would be Hedonism, The Clash: The Complete Guide to their Music or Remarks Remade.

In addition, and because this quiz is really going to test your mettle, I’ll throw in a signed copy of the American hardback or paperback edition of the Moon biography.

That still doesn’t seem like quite enough prizes, considering the nature of the questions, but it will have to do. There is the small fact that you will probably have to have already read Dear Boy to know the answers, but that too, will just have to do. We hope that many of you will enjoy attempting the quiz anyway.

Again, considering how hard this is, we’re going to give you all some time to do your homework. A month, in fact. We’ll announce and notify the winner on August 31.

Don’t post your answers here: you’ll only be giving them away to other contestants. Send your responses to; you will receive an autoresponse confirming receipt of your entry. Come back on August 31st and see how many you got right.

Now get cracking!


a) What are the names of Keith’s sisters?
b) What was the name of Keith’s first school?
c) What was the first instrument Keith played?

a) Who played bass in the Beachcombers?
b) What was Keith’s headgear when the Beachcombers played ‘Little Egypt’?
c) Who did Keith replace in the Who?

a) Which song is generally regarded as Keith’s first known composition?
b) Identify Keith’s co-writers on ‘Dogs Part 2’?
c) What was the last number that Keith played with The Who before a paying audience, at Toronto on October 21, 1976?

a) Name the pub in Greenford where Keith first performed with the Who?
b) Name the pub Keith bought in Chipping Norton?
c) Name the pub at the end of the drive to Tara House in Chertsey?

a) Which London drummer gave Keith his first lessons?
b) With what item of sporting equipment did Keith play his drums at the Who’s Oval concert, September 18, 1971?
c) How much was paid for Keith’s 1968/9 drum kit at Christie’s in 2004?

a) Which other rock star courted Kim Kerrigan in 1965?
b) Separated from Kim, in 1973 Keith began a relationship with the niece of a famous singing comedian. Who was he?
c) In which London night club did Keith first encounter Annette Walter-Lax?

a) What colour was the Rolls Royce that became Keith’s preferred car in the early 70s?
b) At what British Airport was Keith arrested for damaging a computer in 1975?
c) Where was Keith thrown off a British Airway flight in June 1978?

a) What was the name of Keith’s home in Winchmore Hill?
b) What was the address of Keith’s home in Sherman Oaks?
c) Who owned the flat in Mayfair in which he was staying when he died?

a) Why did the police want to stop the Who show at Paisley Ice Rink, on November 1968?
b) Which British comedian did Keith attempt to record with in California?
c) Who was the US movie star neighbour that Keith offended when he was living in California?

a) What was the name of the drummer Keith Portrayed in That’ll Be The Day and Stardust?
b) Which Beatle song did Keith cover on his solo album?
c) “… I know my father was banned from this hotel.” Who? Where? When?

Again, send your entries to The competition will close at midnight on Monday August 29.
In the event of a tie, Chris and myself reserves the right to set an extra question.