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Fracking Britain

One of the depressingly reassuring aspects of visiting the UK from the USA this past month was the similarity in political landscapes. Admittedly, the UK is not engaged in a...
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Why We Must Oppose Fracking

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New Yorkers to Albany: No Fracking Way

Just some of the home-made signs at the anti-Fracking Legislative Day Of Action in Albany on Monday, April 11th. (Click on images to see in larger size.) With the New...
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No Fracking Way – Still

I don’t normally repeat/reprint old posts, but there’s too much frightening news going on in the world of fracking (hydraulic fracturing), especially in our part of the world. This process...
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No Fracking Way

As the BP oil spill fiasco unraveled in the Gulf of Mexico, my reaction was two-fold: 1) frustration, anger and a sense of helplessness at an avoidable environmental disaster happening...
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A tale of two burns: Lucidity Festival vs. Disorient Country Club

This August, approximately 60,000 people will descend on the Black Rock Desert north of Reno, Nevada, for Burning Man. Not surprisingly for something now in its 29th year, Burning Man...
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The November 6 election: Every Vote Counted

I was as invested in the election of Ceclia Tkaczyk to our NY State Senate as I was in any race this past November. Among other attributes, Cecilia was serving...
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Think Global, Act Local: Vote Obama. And Cecilia.

Apparently there’s a Presidential Election taking place on Tuesday, although you could be forgiven for not knowing as much if you drive around my part of the Catskills. This morning,...
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