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Plus ca change. I'm just coming off pulling a mid-December all-nighter, posting all the pages I've been steadily working on to meet a self-imposed, not-to-be-extended deadline. No different from getting Jamming! off to the printers as a teenager, really, except that so much is different....

In my original mission statement, I made the point that "The Internet allows everyone to 'publish' their own 'zine without risking even a fraction of the costs involved in going to the printers, finding distributors, chasing up payments from individual stores and hustling for advertisements." All of this was promptly proven when the iJamming! site got 500 solid hits in its first 24 hours. That's a small number compared to your corporate behemoths, but considering that it took Jamming! Magazine five issues and many printing problems to get that many readers, it totally validated my attempt for instant communication. More than that (and the fact that I'm now looking at several thousand hits in just a few weeks), the site produed a warm and positive response from all manner of people, be they those scattered around the world who remembered the magazine covers from all those years ago, readers of the Moon book, or wine buffs who stumbled here through web searches. All in all, it was assuring to know this was not going to be a tree falling in the forest with no one around to hear it, because while publishing a magazine on the web is alarmingly easy - type, copy, paste, upload - the amount of competition and people's short attention spans ensures a need for quality if any of us hope to have return visits.

On that subject, it really was my intent to update this site weekly, if not even daily. And some areas - my online reviews, news about digital music - have been amended and appended more frequently than you might have noticed. I'm going to keep a daily review section running through the holiday season, but most likely you will only see major changes in the site's contents every month or so, with an announcement set out to the mailing list (click here to join) accordingly. Seems like it might be better that way, allowing me to concentrate on keeping the site cohesive and the links all in oredr - but still, do check back as often as interest takes you; the home page will always list the newest additions and changes.

For this 'second installment,' I have added the following. . . An interview with Boy George. A daily review section, as I clear through the backlog of year 2000 music. (Look for an end-of-year 'best of' any day.) The second chapter of Coming And Going: Alice. The Dave Edmunds transcript from my Keith Moon research. Featured wine region: the Côtes du Rhône, in three pages due to length of story and number of images. Featured wine web site: Daniel Brunier. Musical Thanksgiving: a reflective essay on a week of constant club-going. The Jamming! Magazine covers numbers 13-24 (1982-84), along with the first interior page to be scanned and posted: The Story that spawned Creation. The Digital Music section has new links and I encourage you to send me any you think might fit.

Seems like there's so much more I want to do. Hopefully the Hedonism section will be more than a holding pen come the new year. There's a lengthy David Sylvian interview waiting in the wings, plenty more wine commentary on the tip of my tongue, and a lot of old source Jamming! Material is on the desk, if not yet typed up and/or scanned. Same goes for more of those Moon transcripts: I really just need a kick up the arse to spell-check and grammar check them, and put up disclaimers for the various misinformation my interviewees' often clouded memories provided!

Comments are welcome; I'll respond where possible. Thanks to everyone who has expressed their appreciation for and enjoyment of the Keith Moon biography. There will come a point where I'll hunker down to the next long-term project; in the meantime, this is proving a blast. Happy holidays.

Tony Fletcher, December 2000

Somebody asked me to explain the photo below; let's just say that in a site that marries the personal and the professional aspects of my life, I'm going to have fun and print a personal picture on the editorial pages. Over on the mission statement, that's me in Berlin at the Love Parade, and my son Campbell on the right. Below are the Tornadoes, the under-6 AYSO 'soccer' (how I hate having to use that word!) team I helped coach in Brooklyn this 'fall', celebrating their end of season trophies which they fully deserved for learing which way to kick a ball for the first time, mastering the art of throw-ins, laughing a lot and winning more games than they lost. I think you can guess which one is me! And that's Campbell in front of me, wearing a Crystal Palace FC ski hat.


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