At the end of 2001, Patti Salter, known back in the '70s by her professional name as 'Golden Shot' hostess Lee Patrick, got in touch with me after reading my Keith Moon book and offered to share some memories of her time around 1974-5 as Keith Moon's girlfriend. Patti is one of those ladies I would love to have tracked down when researching the book, and when I asked her to jot down some memories that she would be happy to share with visitors to this site, she readily agreed. Fortunately those memories are very pleasant, as the following account sent over various e-mails makes clear.
Patti writes:
"I thoroughly enjoyed your book, you really captured the essence of the man, and once started I couldn't put it down. And it did bring back memories, although I think my memories of Keith were much happier ones than those of Annette.
The mood swings were not so much in evidence, although he did have his moments of depression when he needed reassurance that he was loved, but I can honestly say he never got so drunk that he was violent towards me in any way. He basically wanted to make people laugh, I think that was even at the root of his destruction of hotel rooms.

I was an actress who lived with Keith for a few months in the early part of 1974, just as he finished the last days shooting on Stardust, in which I had a very tiny part, and during which he decided he wanted me to live with him, and during the shooting of Tommy. I was aboard the helicopter that landed in Ollie Reed's garden, frightening all the pregnant horses..........Ollie was not semi nude, but he was waiting in the doorway of his mansion with 2 pint mugs brim full of whisky, Dougal drove up later in the Rolls. The sword fight occurred hours later, when we were all sitting down at the medieval banqueting table, when Ollie jumped on the table and grabbed a couple of swords off the wall, threw one to Keith and they proceeded to have a sword fight up and down the table. I was also in Ken Russell's office when Keith demanded to meet Ollie before the shooting of Tommy took place, and I remember Ken getting on the phone to tell Ollie that Keith wanted to meet him, and the subsequent dash to Battersea heliport.

I was hostess on a game show called the Golden Shot during the first part of our relationship and he came up to the Birmingham studios with me one weekend after a late night at Tramp, arriving in Birmingham about 5 in the morning, he'd phoned ahead and got us a room at a hotel, the room had a chandelier and of course he had to swing on it to make me laugh.....but at least he didn't break it that time.........I was also slightly the worse for wear when I appeared on the show later that day. Living with Keith did kind of play havoc with my career.

Lee Patrick, as she was then known, following instructions with fellow Golden Shot host Charlie Williams (on left) - after another late night with Keith Moon?

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The most hilarious time though, apart from the 'flying' visit to Ollie's, was when we were out searching for his costume as Uncle Ernie. We had been to Bermans and checked out the costume department there but there was nothing that came close to his desires, so we ended up at Lawrence Corner to find the seediest looking raincoat they had, but that wasn't seedy enough for after purchasing the baggiest one he could find we then drove around London in the Rolls looking for puddles, when we found a nice big dirty looking one he stepped out of the car, and just lay down and rolled around in it, people stared and couldn't believe their eyes........I cant remember if it was Dougal or Scotch Eddie driving. That wasn't the end though, after that we could be seen walking in and out of Soho sex shops carrying brown paper bags full of dildoes, enemas, and any other perverted looking sex toys. Under normal circumstances I think I would have been extremely embarrassed, but since we had been having a 'few for the road' in De Hems, my embarrassment had totally gone, and we were having so much fun with our 'shopping'. When we got back to Curzon Place, Keith couldn't resist hanging a dildo on the rearview mirror, he said it was a comment for the traffic warden who was sure to give him a ticket.

Another incident that occurred when we visited Ollie was when we were invited to stay the night, of course we accepted. Especially since we had been down to Ollie's favorite pub after dinner, during which time Keith and he had been competing as to who could down the most alcohol, there was no doubt Ollie won, and as a reward to all the watching customers proceeded to get naked, Keith was about to follow suit but Ollie's entourage intervened and we all went back to Broome Hall. So here we were at Broome Hall waiting to be shown to our room, and we were quite
Patti's lone picture of herself with Keith: she's the one on the left. (So who is that in the middle?)
surprised when Ollie told us to come with him out of the house and across some fields (which had been ploughed into high ridges.....I was wearing high heeled shoes and was having much trouble walking) we finally came to a barn and Ollie pointed to some hay in the corner and said we could sleep there!!!!! We both looked at each other and Keith told Ollie that we would go home after all, Ollie refused to let us leave and got hold of a shot gun from somewhere, pointing it at us and saying we had to stay........eventually he agreed we couldn't possibly sleep in the hay in a barn and we ended up sleeping on a sofa in his living room (apparently all the furnished bedrooms were full of his entourage, and the rest of them were devoid of furniture!).

Another funny memory happened when Ringo was with us, we had been eating and drinking at Trader Vic's, and all decided we wanted to go to the Playboy disco just up the road, we were all quite pissed.....those tropical cocktails are quite lethal......and Keith and Ringo wanted to get up and dance......together........and at the same time decided to get hold of the ironwork banister (or whatever its called) that separated the higher level from the dance floor, Keith grabbing one end out of its hole and Ringo the other, and they proceeded to dance across the floor with it, it was very funny but the manager didn't like it very much and tried to throw them out of the club, however I knew Vic Lownes slightly having met him at Bernie Cornfeld's, and Keith made me go and beg Vic to let them back into the club which I succeeded in doing, but within minutes of it happening members of the press were already hanging around outside, ready to make a mountain out of a molehill. Although they weren't as bad back in those days as they are now.

There were a few other funny incidents like the time we went to visit his accountant, and he was told that he owed about half a million in taxes. On the way out of this beautiful elegant townhouse in Mayfair, Keith turned around on the steps and proceeded to pea all over the geraniums in the window boxes, in full view of the passing public That was his answer to the tax question.

Another time, we had been to a Fashion Show and the obligatory party afterwards, but there had been nothing to eat, and being an early Sunday morning absolutely nothing was open in London, there was nothing to eat in the fridge at Curzon Place, so Keith decided we would stay at the Inn on the Park simply so that we could have a meal via room service.......we were both dressed quite outrageously to go sign in at a posh hotel, Keith dressed as if he was about to go in the ring and fight a bull, in a bright red velvet Toreador's suit and me in a long red evening gown.......I can only guess at what the receptionist thought I was!!!! But at least we had a good dinner, and afterwards left to walk around the corner to Curzon of the most expensive meals I think I've ever had."
A few slight differences from the exact order of events as recollected by Ollie Reed himself, but given the great actor's intake (may he rest in peace), that should come as no surprise. I thank Patti for sharing her memories.

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