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Tue, Oct 23, 2001
ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN: "Flowers is Echo & The Bunnymen's finest hour since Ocean Rain."
An intrigue of early 90s New York nightlife.
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My immediate reaction to September 11
PART 2: Messages from friends & family overseas
PART 3: Observations & quotes from others.
PART 5: COPING - 2 weeks later
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PART 2: Reactions from friends and relatives

What follows are messages of support and sympathy received since the attack. I hope my friends and family don't mind their thoughts being published, but I personally feel stronger for sharing our sorrow. Thanks to everyone else who called and wrote and expressed their emotions so beautifully.

From our close friend Tony Page and family early on Tuesday September 11...

Dear Tony and family, first of all we hope you are all OK and that your friends are too. Here in Britain we have seen as much coverage of the atrocities via the tv as in the US. At this time you can be assured that the people of Britain are understanding of the suffering, heartache and insult to humanity that the people of America and especially New Yorkers have endured. Please reply to put our minds at rest. At least we can gain heart from the efforts of your firemen and emergency services who are indeed true heroes to the human race. Love Light and peace Tony et al.
P.S. Why do we have to rely on someone called God to gain some sort of solace?????@>

My close friend Tony Page and his wife Sarah with myself at Liberty Island, photo taken by my wife Posie back in early 1998. I don't think I need to have to point out the poignant backdrops.

From our close friend Jeni De Haart on Tuesday September 11. . .

Tony, Posie,

Glad to have heard from you so quickly and to hear that you are all alive. The whole thing is beyond credibility and as you say, the shock indescribable. I'm still watching the news on BBC news24 and the desperate scenes. The world will never be the same again. I don't know what else to say.

From my mother, who had only flown home from New York to London on September 10, and who was sleeping off jetlag when I got a call through to her and told her to turn on the television. Sent the morning of September 12.

I meant to write a proper thanks and up to date report when I woke yesterday
but it's not appropriate now. I sat in dressing gown glued to TV for rest of
day, with phone going endlessly, Kate, Anne T, lloyd Moss who might not be
able to fly home, Lundbergs, mails from Posie (none from you as yet) . Nic
said their p.m. meeting was cancelled and he was in tears as he phoned 9p.m.
just on world state and death toll. It just gets worse, reading today of
death toll of police and firefighters. That view from 5th Av I used to love
in winter is no more. My photos of C and P there with me now history. I
haven't phoned back to keep lines clear but mail me today. Is P able to get
to work or best not? Did she walk home? Great messages of sympathy to the
States. No election I presume? Tory leadership announcement postponed as was
Blair at TUC conference. Do you realise I could have been flying to
Washington to accept Nicole's invitation in her empty house from the llth?
you encouraged a longer break for my sake. Thank god I chose Mon not Tues to
return home. All love and be safe, Mum

From our dear friend Denise Alexander, another south Londoner now living in Sydney. (Just dug out an old photo from happier times - see below.) Sent Wednesday morning

hi Tony and Posie, been trying for ages to phone you but all the
lines are engaged. however i'm immensely, emotionally relieved to
hear via Nat via Kate that you are both OK, even though Posie was
near the WTC and obviously had a traumatic time.

i first heard about it at 1am today - Greg rang me from his hotel
in Melb, and then Nat rang me from her home. We all sat transfixed
to our various TVs, holding the phones, not speaking, but just
watching the events unfold on CNN and BBC. still can't find the
words to describe, and I'm sure neither can you. I hope you
haven't lost friends or family members ... i'm wracking my brains
to think of all the people I know who might have been downtown.
horrible horrible.

i'm now at work and we're running full-on web forums and breaking
news - our bandwidth has melted down twice and we're running around
buying $50k router equipment to keep things together. i'm helping
on forum moderation - the loonies are out in force.

love you guys, take care, thinking of you and your friends
love Denise

From my newer friend Matt Kent, a great help with the Keith Moon book and now webmaster of . .

Glad you're all OK. It's impossible to find words. In London we're sort of used to terrorism as you well know but to see something of that magnitude played out live was crazy - you kept expecting Bruce Willis as John Maclane to save the day - it was that unreal. I think the next few days are critical in all our futures.

Take care


From Chris Charlesworth, the UK editor of all three of my books and a very close personal friend, who lived in New York for some years in the 1970s. . .

Dear Tony

Thanks for the e-mail. Glad to know you and Posie and Campbell are ok.

I assume the subway station beneath the WTC was crushed about an an hour
after Posie passed through, when the buildings collapsed. Phew...

My mind boggles at so many aspects of this, not least the fact that a couple
of dozen or so men armed only with knives and items available from a
stationary store can wreak so much havoc on the most powerful country in the
world, that spends hundreds of billions of dollars on defence ever single
year. If only a tiny fraction of that money had been spent on relieving
third world debt, or somehow trying to develop better US relations in the
Middle East, this might never have happened.

I felt quite speachless as I watched the scenes on TV. It was unbelievable,
but what struck was although it could have been a disaster movie, in
disaster movies you see people dying. In New York, when the Trade Centres
were hit and destroyed, you knew thousands of people were being killed but
you never saw anyone dying. And the other thought that kept running through
my mind was the truly awful scenarios that must have been developing inside
- in the elevators and on the stairwells, in offices, and, of courese, in
the hi-jacked planes. I had this terrible vision of people trapped in a big
and crowded elevator which stopped suddenly and was pitched into darkness.
They were stuck and knew nothing about the attacks, nor would they as after
a truly awful 60 minutes or so, during which they may have felt the heat of
the fires or heard the noise of the explosions, they would have died as the
building collapsed. It is a fate I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

From our very good friend Lee Henderson, sent on Thursday...

Fletch & Posie,

I can think of nothing worse that I have seen in my lifetime, my thoughts
are with you all. I cannot imagine what it is like in NYC at the moment or
come to that what it will be like for a long time to come. The pictures and
stories we have all seen and heard are beyond any comprehension - it is
still as if I am going to wake up at any moment - all just too surreal to
take in.

Take care.


PS. Palace beat Everton away in the cup last night!

(Tony comments: And what the hell were they thinking of, playing football matches that night?)

From Natalie Carey, who moved with Denise from South London to Sydney around the time I moved from South London to New York. Like me, she is the loving parent of a small boy. . .

Hi Tony, Posie and Campbell,

Firstly, I must say that you were the first people I thought of having
heard this news. I just can't imagine what you and your neighbourhood
are going through now, but we are thinking of you.

Just really, really relieved to hear that you're all OK. Catherine
phoned me to say she'd spoken to you and to pass the news on. The whole
episode is an absolute tragedy for the world and the potential
repercussions are frightening.

I just can't imagine what it must be like for you - I know that Lewis is
asking a million questions and last night asked Alan and I if we'd be
flying to England next year by Qantas and if we'd be flying over
America. I'm sure Campbell is firing a million questions at you, and
the poor guy is also having to deal with the reality of being there.

Keep strong and take care,



From my old school friend Richard Heard, who I've known since I was 11 and now lives in Scotland....


Thanks for the update. Knowing how shocked we are all here, I cannot begin
to imagine what it must be like there.

I have to confess that for the first time in my lifetime I am scared about
the world and where this conflict could go. I simply fear for what
retribution will come, where it will be directed and where it could stop.
Could anything positive result from this? I cannot begin to imagine it.

I wonder if the American people had known they would be at war now, would
they have elected the same President?

Keep in touch.


The penultimate sentence to which I replied

"They didn't! Al Gore got more votes."

and received the following e-mail later that day, friday.

Quite right!! I'd forgotten that slight detail!!


More comments from Chris Charlesworth. . .

Another observation I have is the contrast between the statesmanlike, almost
heroic, bearing of Mayor Guiliani, the forthright manner of his press
conferences, his genuine sorrow, his honesty and willingness to get down
among the rubble, and the truly pathetic response from G W Bush, who mumbled
inconsequential cliches, ran off surrounded by bodyguards and seemed
genuinely scared out of his wits. I am certain that had Clinton still been
in the White House he'd have grasped the moment and demanded Air Force One
fly him straight to New York where he'd have walked down 7th Avenue from
14th Street to Wall Street, taken off his jacket and dug into the rubble
alongside those brave firemen. So, of course, would JKF and FDR.

Too true. That George Bush took four days to visit New York has not been lost on us.

From my dear friend Thomas Gallagher, who lives just down the road from me and who sent out his own thoughts to friends and family on Friday morning...

Jenifer, Thomas and myself at the Basement Jaxx show at Summerstage in Central Park, July 14 2001. It was a beautiful New York day.

I personally have a great deal to share about what has happened. So many thoughts and emotions. Right now I would just like to provide a starting point: I don't want to bear witness to any more deaths. The suffering that we have all seen, and are certain to become aware of in the coming days, is more than enough. I hope that we can see through this terrible
loss that there is nothing good or noble or righteous about killing other human beings, no matter what the rationale. I have witnessed much compassion in the face of this devastation, we must extend that compassion to include the innocent families that will surely be affected
should we choose to retaliate indiscriminately. Please speak out for peace if you can, in any way that you can. If you find it too difficult to speak out presently, at the very least, please remember to remind the people in your life just how much you love them.

I am grateful to have so many wonderful people in my life. Much love and hope to all of you -Thomas

The following came in in bulk e-mail form on the Monday after the attack from the usually vivacious Raquel Bruno, who works in New York for MTV/VH1 and lives too close to Ground Zero for comfort. She's a great DJ too!

Hello family and friends-

I've grappled with producing the correct words to relay what I've witnessed
and felt over the past few days since this tragic and horrific event. It has
been very tough to get back to 'normal' since the rules of 'normal' have
changed in our lives, backyards and nation.

I didn't want to write a preachy email since we are all overwhelmed with a
range of emotions. However, I wanted to express to those, especially in our
industry and others, the one thing that I have learned from this...our spirit
and support of one another. Since I live below 14th street right off the
westside highway, I've been forced to deal with this first hand. All I could
do to show support was stand for the past week on the westside highway with
others holding a sign that said "NYC THANKS YOU" to all the amazing
firefighters, police, emergency workers and other groups who are risking
their lives to save others. The response has been beyond touching. Last
night, a NYPD police officer pulled over and said 'thanks to all of the
volunteers and supporters, those of us at ground zero have hope and something to look forward to-everyone's support is what keeps us going'.

I want to reach out to everyone I deal with daily and let you know that I
hope your families, friends, colleagues and neighbors are ok. I would also
love to share similar experiences with you to help in the grieving process.

Much love and peace to you--


One of the truest indications of love for someone is when you refuse to allow them to reject you after the physical aspect of your relationship ends, however lengthy the healing process turns out to be. Such was the case with Kate Butcher, who I've known now for nearly twenty years, and who managed to get through to me on the phone from London (well, Dartford) at the peak of all the madness that Tuesday morning. She also called me in the middle of the (European) night the following Friday (Sep 14), while she was composing this lovely letter, because she was so distraught at what had happened and again wanted to share her sorrow and sympathy. Thanks, Kate and Bleddyn, we love you too.

Dear Tony, Posie & Campbell.

So glad to speak to you on Tuesday. Justrelieved to hear your voice and to know that you're ok, just praying that your family and friends are too. Doubntless you will know those who have lost someone, our hearts go out to them all.

Words just seem so inadequate, we feel so far away, I wish we weren't. I don't know anyone who isn't sickened to the core by this senseless slaughter. I feel for you guys so so much, to have watched all those poor souls and the city you love so much destroyed before you must be unbearable. I simply cannot comprehend, even now, that it's really happened, no-one can. Watching it live on Tuesday was like watching the ultimmate horror movie except it hit you like a thunderbolt - God this is really happening - now, how can it be? Those images, those appalling images will be with us forever - what an awful awful day.

All of you in New York, Washington, all over, must be absolutely stunned, grieving, angry, I don't know. Fron what we've seen and heard, you're all holding up so well - with such a sense of solidarity - keep it up - don't give in to those animals, those maniacs who don't give a toss for human life. You're better than them, and tho' it's a well used phrase by now, good will prevail, I'm sure. They destroyed so many lives, they destroyed the towers, but they can't destroy your pride, that fierce unshakeable pride and belief that you have in yourselves and your country.

Well I've just come off the phone to you Tony - sorry for the tears - I just couldn't help it, I've been welling up all week and so wanted to speak to you. If I thought I knew you at all,you just confirmed it! I knew you'd take it personally, I guess you all are, and I knew you'd be doing what you have been - helping others and doing what you can. You said you expected it to take days/weeks before you return to some kind of normality - maybe so - no-one knows what will happen in the coming weeks, but don't feel isolated. Yes it's your country that has to bury 5,000 - we don't know how that feels, sure, but we're all of us here in the UK right by you, in spirit at least. A selfish thought perhaps, but it could have been us, and it might well end up in war against the west - an unthinkable thing until last Tueday, but who knows now? It doesn't seem so far fetched anymore. The unimaginable has happened to your country and we're all so sorry and sad for you.

Take care of each other and keep in touch.

Much love,
Kate, Bleddyn, Luke & Maddie

Hearing from these long-term friends at a time of real crisis did get me searching through the photo albums for happy memories, I must admit. Denise and Kate, remember when your efforts kept the British hair-spray industry alive during the dark days of Thatcherims? This one dates from 86 or 87, I do believe.

Back in 1984, Posie spent a full college year living in Angers, France, boarding at the gorgeous house of Monique & Roger . When we finally visited France as a family in '99, we stayed with the couple for a night, and they were truly lovely people, quite apart from being fantastic cooks. They sent us the following card, dated Sep 14, which I will leave in its original language.

Chers Amis,

Un tout petit mot pour vous assurer de notre amitié en ces jours tragiques que nous vivons intensément.

Nous esperons que vous et vos proches sont sains et sauf. Nous prions avec toutes les Eglises pour la Paix.

Monique et Roger.

Vera and Barrie hail from the town I was born in (Beverley, Yorkshire); their two boys have, at different times, been among my best friends, but Vera and Barrie themselves, by virtue of their eternal youthfulness, also remain close. They came to visit us in New York just last year. They love the city. They wrote the following by mail on Sep 17.

Dear Tony & Posie,
We were both relieved and heartened to know from Ruth that you are all safe and well.
We are appalled at the terrible ordeal that has been inflicted on New York - and, by extension, all those who share a love of this great city and its remarkable people.
We share in your sadness and send you our deepest love at this dark time in our history.
Vera & Barrie

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