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Thu, Oct 25, 2001
ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN: "Flowers is Echo & The Bunnymen's finest hour since Ocean Rain."
An intrigue of early 90s New York nightlife.
NEW CHAPTER now online
From the Jamming! Archives:
U2 interviewed in 1984.
"It's not U2 that's creating this great art. . .There's something that works through us to create in this way."
My immediate reaction to September 11
PART 2: Messages from friends & family overseas
PART 3: Observations & quotes from others.
PART 5: COPING - 2 weeks later
iJamming! Wino/Muso:
"New world wines are just too techno for me."
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(Hub, Slumber Party, DJ Harry, Spearhead, The Who tribute
Albums that sound different since September 11
(Charlatans UK, Arabian Travels, Cafe del Mar, Sugarcult)
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iJamming! interview:
Jesse Hartman, aka LAPTOP
"Every New York band knows the meaning of failure"
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Who, what and why you should bother (DB, Spooky, Jody, RSW, Bad Boy Bill)
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"I don't think people realize that life can become so exciting and interesting that it can draw you away for long periods of time from creating music - & why not?"
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the JEFF BECK interview .
From Homework to the Disco:
grows up and dumbs down
The iJAMMING! chat:

"If I was asked why Sniffin' Glue was so important, it was the way we conducted ourselves, the style of it, just the attitude. It had attitude in abundance didn't it?"
The Return of Shoegazing:
DOVES take New York by swarm
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THE CHILLS: Brave Words
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SNIFFIN' GLUE: The Essential Punk Accessory
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"I'm not interested in what the major labels have to offer."
From the JAMMING! archives: PAUL WELLER ON POP
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From the JAMMING! archives: ALTERNATIVE TV
interviewed in 1978
Fran Healy explains why "you cannot own a song." (And why Liam Gallagher "is going to turn into a really great songwriter.")
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From the JAMMING! archives: The Story That Spawned Creation
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Finally, a worthy rival to Chardonnay.
The iJAMMING! interview:
"Once you've had your go, what-ever it may be, they want you to piss off, and they can't bear it if you come back, they can't bear it."
They love rock'n'roll but they don't want to deal with the hassle
From the JAMMING! archives: RAYMONDE in 1985
The full iJamming! Contents
PART 2: More Reactions from friends and relatives

The comments that follow came in after I posted my original Musing essay. Click back to read those that came in during the first few days

SAN FRANCISCO: From Tamara Palmer, former editor-at-large at Urb Magazine, whose writing I greatly admire and who I first met at last year's Love Parade in Berlin.

hi tony,

thank you for sending me the link to your musing, which i just read. i was relieved to hear via neil harris that you and your family were physically safe, but speaking to him on the telephone (as well as a few other close friends out there) that day, it illuminated a whole angle of the hell to me personally.

one of the things that gets me the most right now, that hurts the most, is the immense psychological damage/trauma that people i love very much out there have endured. i can hear it in their voices, and i feel powerless to do much more than provide minimal, temporary comfort when i attempt to help them answer these gaping, horrifying questions that cannot yet be answered, that may never be properly answered.

it is nothing compared to the damage that i or some of my friends here feel, though of course we are deeply affected. for every personal connection i can draw to this (the fact that if i had not recently quit my job at urb i would have likely been in nyc, getting ready for cmj as i have attended every year in the past five years; the friends who live within 2 blocks of the WTC that had sickeningly close calls but are thankfully okay etc etc etc), i can't possibly understand the vulnerability of life that everyone there is feeling. i feel oddly insulated from that aspect of it here in SF (which is stupid and unfounded, particularly given reports that there were some planned actions that were to take place here in the city but were thwarted).

i don't really know what i'm trying to say except that i am also grieving for the loss of everyone's "innocence" out there.

i hope that your writing that piece was of some small comfort to you, a catharsis as you say. i hope you take comfort in the fact that you clearly have a strong network of friends and family who love you and that you can turn to as an ongoing way to process the emotions surrounding what happened. thank you for letting me take such a personal look into that and your words.

my best,


LONDON: From Chris Mellor and Lene Stokes, also much involved in music journalism and DJing. . .

Tony - thanks for your insigtful piece - and obviosuly it's great to hear that you and Posie and Campbell are OK. We've been thinking about you here.
Obviously in London, we have the horror but not the grieving or a major change to day to day life to deal with. This may be the true beginning of the 21st Century but it does not feel, yet, that everything has changed. For America I believe it has, a nation that has not experienced such carnage since, as you pointed out, the war of independence, is bound to be deeply affected. I only wish the whole of America and the government were reacting in the same reasonable way as the people of New York.
The reaction to such outrage must not be another outrage. That would be an insult to you and everyone else in New York. Let us hope and pray that the American government realises this before this tragedy turns into a greater disaster.

Much love to you and the family

Chris (+ Helene + Wesley + Dexter)

ERITREA/IRELAND: Helena Mulkearns was also once a music journalist, but she found a higher calling - working with relief agencies in impoverished countries. She wrote the following:-

Dear Tony,

Thanks for your e-mail, I'm really glad to hear from you, and I hope you haven't personnally lost friends or family. I am in Ireland at the moment, but oddly enough - on that day I was still in Ethiopia, in the supposed potential war zone. I've been up into the
Temporary Security Zone, seen the devastation of the two year war between Eritrea and Ethiopia, and listening to my brother talking yesterday describing the city of NY, it sounds actually worse.

I will read your musing, and send my love to you and your family.
Take care,

BELGIUM/ENGLAND: I got to know Anthony Blampied back in the early days of Jamming! Over twenty years later, we still stay in close contact. He wrote the following:

Tony, Posie and Campbell

Am just back in Belgium having spent last week in London. Needless to say, you were constantly in my thoughts as the news of the disaster broke and the extent of the tragedy sunk in. Not that it really HAS sunk in, of course. Everyone there seemed shell-shocked. No other topic of conversation to be heard on the streets, in pubs, etc. Unanimous sense of appalled disbelief. (Although I hear that a group of supposedly 'anarchist' protesters in the Docklands greeted the news with a cheer. "A blow against capitalism", apparently...)
My blood turned to ice on reading this morning your news of Posie's proximity to the disaster. As I found with London friends there's nothing to say which doesn't sound trite. I hope in particular that Campbell is managing to cope with such an event. I haven't been able to read your entire report yet: it will take several attempts to get through it, I imagine.

I'll be in touch later at greater length.

much love to you all

IBIZA/ENGLAND: Helen Donlon works as an independent publicist in London, and did a stellar job in that capacity with "Dear Boy." Her account of watching the horror from Ibiza makes especially evocative reading. . .

Dear Tony,

I have just flown back in to London from Ibiza, which is where I was when I heard about the monstrous debacle of last Tuesday. . .

When we heard about this out in Ibiza the impact on the island was unique in its own way. What a context for such a terrible tragedy. I was with my boyfriend, Declan, and one of my best friends, Carl, who also works in the media, and the three of us had taken off last minute for a much much needed week of de-stress, during which we had vowed not to watch telly or buy any newspapers. On Tuesday evening at about 8pm (2pm your time) we left our secluded beach and walked through a beautiful sunset to try and find a bar for our one concession to home - the Arsenal/Real Mallorca match, which we were hoping to watch with some local Mallorca-supporters, and as we walked through the palm trees with the orange sun hitting the water we spotted a TV inside a beach bar where we decided to pitch up, and waited, watching what we HONESTLY believedwas a German-dubbed Hollywood action film for a good two minutes, waiting for Bruce Willis before the chilling realisation hit us. The bar was full of people who were silent. No-one was saying a single word. It was almost impossible to shift gear and take it in at first, but we decided to run around and try to find Sky TV. We had to give up on the football as it was too surreal to contemplate.
I can tell you that the island was probably at its record subdued last week. People were wandering round wearing stars and stripes headbands, I Love NYC t-shirts replaced Amnesia logos, and TVs on beaming in CNN at every corner. Outside Bora Bora, a famous disco beach bar a crowd of people gave out hurriedly produced flyers for a midnight vigil outside Manumission.
Everything changed that night. You should know that outside of America and the UK, this really really has touched people, and it was definitely not just business asusual for the Spanish. The island was full of nationalities from literally everywhere and there was such a feeling of shared grief. The usually unspeakably lax passport control at Ibiza Airport? Took us an hour and a half to get through this time. No stone left unturned. Total paranoia on the plane. The slightest bang and we all jumped.

So we've just arrived back to. . . A very real feeling here in London of impending war. Newsnight last night talked about US military drafts. It's quite hard to carry on business as usual. I am living in a top floor flat above Hampstead Heath in a house which has the best views in London. From one of our terraces, across the Heath we can see the Dome, Canary Wharf, from the other, the BT Tower, Centre Point and we are sitting here trying to imagine how it feels to live in Brooklyn, or to use the Staten Island Ferry and find those familiar and reassuring defining landmarks gone, then remember why and know that scar
will be eternal.
And how are you dealing with this in terms of what you are telling Campbell. What do the children understand of this?
Like you, half of my address book is entertainment and media not people working in the financial sector, and I can only attempt to imagine what those in that sector are going through. The trauma must be incredible.
I can't think what else to say, but that my thoughts are with you, and thank god or whoever that the three of you are safe, which truly is fortunate.
Love and support,

If you wish to make constructive comments, please feel free to contact me via and I will post those relevant.
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