A Cyberspace Record?

A post in The Pub about the Nokia hand-held Internet Tablet serves to remind just how increasingly wired this world is becoming. I don’t carry something quite as light as this new Nokia, but I’m continually amazed at what I can pull off while moving around. Last Thursday, in the mid-state town of Hudson, I took advantage of The Spotty Dog Books and Ale House’s free wi-fi to check my e-mail on my iBook. (I could also have used the free wi-fi found while sitting in the car, but I needed a proper caffeine break.) A message I’d been awaiting had come in, alerting me that new mixes for a musical project I’m involved in had just been uploaded on to the producer’s iDisk. It took me less than five minutes to download all three songs in the background while continuing to handle e-mail – which was just as well as I needed to get back in the car and stay on schedule. While the wife was driving, I loaded the songs onto my iBook’s iTunes, plugged my iPod into the iBook, transferred the three songs to the iPod, and then plugged the iPod into my Macally FM transmitter. Within fifteen minutes of finding out that a producer in London had uploaded mixes to his iDisk, I was driving through the Catskills listening to them on a car stereo – all without the use of phone cables or power cords. Is that a record?
(Or will we all be listening to our music in the future through cyberspace, boom boom?)

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