A Letter from the Prime Minister

I recently read an interview with Moby (in The Believer) where he expressed disbelief that Karl Rove had had the time to hand-write him a letter. I feel the same way about Prime Minister David Cameron writing to my editor at William Heinemann to thank him for a copy of my new biography, A Light That Never Goes Out: The Enduring Saga of the Smiths. (The letter is below: click on it for larger image.) What are we to make of the fact that Cameron turned straight to the Index to look for his name?

David Cameron, you are NOT forbidden from reading the book. I dearly hope you do read it. There is much you can learn about Thatcherism from it. And if at the end of it all you insist you are still a Smiths fan, just remember Johnny Marr’s promise: “If this Government steps down, I’ll reform the band.”

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