A Three Day Weekend Hit List

Our Rock Doc crew watches Anvil: The Story of Anvil. Who can’t love Lips?

Penfold’s Koonunga Hill Shiraz- Cabernet. Sometimes the simple wines do just fine.

Skiing at Hunter on the most beautiful spring-like day, not only to have cropped up in memory the middle of a January, but on the back of the coldest snap in memory.

Skiing at Hunter with the longest lift lines in memory. That’s what you get for going to a popular mountain on a holiday weekend Saturday, in perfect ski conditions, with spring-like weather.

Saranac Pale Ale. Earned that one.

Great opening at Arts Upstairs in Phoenicia

Great opening at Cabane Studios in Phoenicia

IMG_4141 Blue Sonny by David H. Drake at Cabane Studios

Free concert by David Oliver (on marimbas) and Rick Altman (on vibes) (and his daughter on violin) at the Pine Hill Community Center. A long way from the 100 Club.

David Oliver’s three-CD box set retails for $10. Can’t argue with that.

Having sacrificed usual Saturday morning weekend long run for skiing, determine to go Sunday, despite tired legs and impending snow. Run the last six miles into the face of a snow-storm. Listen to an Ibiza Voice podcast to pretend I’m in the Mediterranean. Unfortunately, I’ve dressed much like it, wearing my Vibram 5-Fingers. Run up our hill home rather than get more cold and wet than I already am.

Have to cancel dinner with friends due to snow storm. Just as well: I’m exhausted.

Taking a long relaxing bath Monday morning (with multiple oils and salts), loving that it’s a holiday.

Happy MLK Jr. Day.

Reading (newly acquired) Kermit Lynch’s 1988 classic Adventures on the Wine Trail, these chapters all about Provence and the Rhône, knowing some of what (and who) he’s talking about, and wishing I could go back there.

One reason I can’t: a flight to Manchester around spring break/Easter costs close to a grand. A night in a hotel when I run the Boston Marathon in April will run me at least $250. (Even at a Best Western.) Ouch.

Listening to Giant Step’s DJ service tracks, esp. new material by Nickodemus.

One great Podcast after another:
KEXP’s Music that Matters “Cold Medicine” lo-fi garage band special
Culture Catch’s interview with documentarian Hannah Rothschild about her jazz-loving aunt.
The Tripwire Podcast #058 (esp new Rogue Wave and Autokratz)
Ibiza-Voice mix by Slam.

More sobering: Listen to All Things Considered feature on recently deceased Woodstock/Olive teen Killian Mansfield.

Posie makes a book display case (kiddie covers forward) for Noel out of spare pieces of wood lying around. Feel envious and a little ashamed that I can’t hold a hammer without hurting myself.

A lively bottle of Willamette Valley Vineyards Oregon Pinot Gris 2006, substantial blend of citrus, cream and nuts, with finesse and texture, most certainly not to be confused with quaffable Pinot Grigio.


A passable bottle of Smoking Loon “Flock” Pinot Noir Monterey County 2008, all the better after a little bit of a chill.

Noel feeling sick. Glad there’s no school Monday.

Contemplate attending the MLK Day concert in Kingston featuring Pete Seeger and various Jewish and African American choirs. Ultimately don’t have energy.

Feeling lethargic mid-Monday (make that feeling depleted after skiing and running), suggest a winter walk with the wife. Somehow it turns into a five-miler.

Re-energized by walk, engage in “spring” cleaning rather than spend an official holiday at desk.

Light a fire Monday evening. It takes immediately.

Cat comes over to warm himself.

Campbell takes all day to write essay on the Fall of the Western Roman Empire, but at least I learn something in the process. (Like where we got the words Huns, Goths, and Vandals.)

Campbell e-mails me definition of the word Arete because I keep getting it wrong. (Which is weird because I once wrote for a magazine called Arete.)

Watch the very first episode of the Simpsons, from 1989/90: Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire. Tell Campbell we remember when the Simpsons were merely a guest spot on the Tracy Ullman Show. Man, we are old!

Read the Sunday New York Timeslast week’s Sunday New York Times.

Read an interview with the President in Newsweek – from May of last year.

Wonder if I’ll have time to pen my “I still support Obama” op-ed for iJamming! (Not if I keep trying to keep up with 8-month old magazines I won’t!)

Try reading new New Yorker in online subscriber-only digital edition. Give up and figure I’ll wait for real thing.

Feel appallingly guilty at the quality of my lifestyle compared to that with the people of Haiti (even before their earthquake), but not guilty enough to give it all up.

Give to charities of choice. Do not get hooked on disaster TV. Do not watch CNN’s self-serving telethon. Listen to radio, watch BBC World News, read newspapers online.

Thank my lucky stars.

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