After The Flood: Music for Relief

To paraphrase and borrow from a longer post at Watershed Post, musician Martin Rivas has championed Schoharie County flood relief efforts with his After the Flood benefit CD, which features 43 songs by 43 predominantly singer-songwriters, available in just about every manner of audio file imaginable, for $15 and upwards. I’ve written here and tweeted extensively about the damage in our own neighborhood, Mount Tremper, where several people lost their homes, and the Post Office may be closed for good, and focused out from there across Ulster County and Greene County. It’s understandable; these are the people I know, the villages I know. But Schoharie County also got it bad. Really bad. Like really really really bad. In Schoharie Village which, just to complicate matters, is the capital of the county,

“more than 275 homes and businesses suffered significant water damage–in other words, over four feet of water on the ground floor.”

Rivas, who has a home in nearby Middleburgh, visited the village a few days after the flood and was appalled by what he saw. “It looks like Sarajevo,” he told the Watershed Post last week. “My wife and I volunteer once a year outside of Tijuana, Mexico. It looks like that to me. It smells like that to me. The weight in people’s eyes looks like that to me. It’s something that shouldn’t be happening in America.”

According to a story last week in the Times-Journal, the damage is such that residents were left initially wondering whether it was worth trying to rebuild. They need to be assured otherwise – or at least offered assistance if they decide to try their luck elsewhere. What you can do? Well, unless you live locally, not much (and if you do live locally, you’ve already probably been busy either digging yourself out, or helping your neighbors). But you can buy the After The Flood CD. As a sign of good faith, Rivas offers the music online at the site and has enabled it for embedding, and I have duly embedded. So please listen away. And then look at it this way. First click on the Buy button; then offer a donation – you can do so by Paypal as well as credit card. Then accept the music on offer as a collective and communal thank you. As a bonus. It’s a gifting culture. Gift away. Thanks to Martin Rivas for acting so quickly and for bringing attention to this largely forgotten county and its struggling villagers.

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