All at Sea Again…

Not entirely sure what I make of this. Ocean Rain, released in 1984, is, hands down, one of the greatest albums ever made. Echo and the Bunnymen at the Albert Hall in 1983 was, hands down, one of the greatest concerts of all time. (Oddly enough, I was listening to an audience tape of this just the other week.) The idea of seeing the two re-connected, complete with full orchestra, is tantalizing to say the least. But we are all over twenty years older and, as per The Who, not only have Echo & The Bunnymen lost their drummer and bass player over the years, but the lead singer struggles for the high notes – of which Ocean Rain has many.

From a publicity/project/professional/performance/promotion point of view – i.e., from the Bunnymen’s point of view – I can’t fault this announcement. From the personal perspective – i.e., that of this particular old fan – I’m going to hold off on tickets for the time being. At least until I decide if it’s worth the air fare.

I’m interested to know how other Bunnymen fans feel about this. I’m going to leave the Comments section open underneath to see if, in this one case, it will prove spam-proof. Otherwise, see you in the Pub.

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  1. 30 November, 2007 at 8:29 am

    Hi Tony. I run a Bunnymen fansite at that has a pretty active forum where fans are a free to discuss certain topics that can’t be discussed on the official forum. I have pretty much the same feelings about this as you do. It could be great or it could be their biggest blunder. Anyway, i posted your article on your forum with a link back…

  2. 13 May, 2009 at 11:25 pm

    I made the NY Ocean Rain gig and it was pretty amazing. Not sure what Mac did but he was able to pull off the high notes with one or two exceptions (that I was able to notice). It was pretty special and if it’s my last Bunnymen gig then I’m glad it went out on a high.

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