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The monthly Mixer reading series at the Cake Shop on Ludlow Street is an absolute blast. My reading there on Wednesday, alongside poets Rachel Simon and Robert Lopez, was as much fun as any I’ve done this year, and certainly as funny: there’s something about the story of the Holy Modal Rounders and Fugs that can’t help but make people laugh. That said, I hadn’t expected people to laugh quite as loud as they did on Wednesday. Perhaps it was the setting, which felt very much like a stand-up comedy/slam gig. The fact that this was a drinking crowd? The holiday season? My delivery? The content? Regardless, it worked.

Major thanks to Melissa from Mixer for being such a great host that she gave me drink tickets twice. And it was great to meet Nick from Cake Shop, too. I was able to tell him that I bought a considerable number of second hand records from his store recently (including albums I’d been looking for by Bill Nelson); though the Cake Shop supply is limited, they’re all of interest, fairly priced, and in generally good condition. Cheers to all!

Staying on this topic, Joly from has just uploaded to YouTube the video he shot of my reading/discussion with Alan Vega last week at the Brooklyn Public Library. As with most of these events (except Wednesday at Cake Shop, which of course we didn’t film!), it’s long, and I don’t expect people to rush to it and sit absorbed in front of their computers for 75 minutes. But I do like the idea that these things get recorded for posterity. I’m sure some of our most beloved musicians wish they could have similarly assembled an audio-visual library as they went along… Or maybe not. Are we better off for having so little footage of The Who in 1964, or the Beatles in 1962? Your call. Anyway, here’s the footage.

In addition, Rob Levy from KDHX in St. Louis just posted this online interview with me about the book. Rob asked some very good questions; I enjoyed our talk.

Final reading of 2009 takes place in my “home” village of Phoenicia, this Saturday December 19, at 5:30pm at 60 Main: A Community Store, the only place on earth (to my knowledge) that sells back issues of Jamming – and organic peanut butter. Arts Upstairs and Cabane Studios both have their monthly arts events starting directly thereafter, and FriendsofSnuffy is (are?) hosting a fund-raiser at Claude’s at 9pm. There’s also free choral music in the local church. Who knows, it may even be warm enough to go out by then! Cheers.

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