All Hopped Up (and locked out and blown down!)

Ever had one of those evenings you feel you should have stayed home? I drove up to the WGXC studios in Hudson with a heavy cold Wednesday May 29th to host my monthly radio show, All Hopped Up (and Ready To Go), only to find the studios locked. It was assumed I knew the code for the lock box; I did not. While trying to contact station managers, I listened in the car… to the station going dead at 7pm. Not meant to happen when you’re on the FM dial. Finally got someone to call me, got in, got the music going, albeit with a couple of snafus based on being flustered, and… right around 8pm, a mini-tornado whipped through Hudson, brought down a church steeple within 100 yards of the studio, and knocked out the power, taking the station off the air again. Being but a monthly guest DJ and not a regular, it took me a few minutes and a couple of phone calls to get up on air again. By that point, I gave up trying to archive my show!


Ironically, this Hudson church now houses a recording studio. The WGXC radio show is in the square, only about a hundred feet away. No wonder the power went out!

Having said all of that, I had a pretty good time. At some point you just have to laugh it off, don’t you! In fact, my wife only listened to the second half and had no idea we’d been off air twice. So, if you listened in, shit happens and be glad it wasn’t on your watch. And if you didn’t listen in, this is what I played, in thematic chunks. At the foot of this post is the YouTube clip of the Sons and Heirs performing ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’ at the Bell House in Brooklyn the previous Wednesday, for Morrissey’s birthday. I had the fun of opening for them with a reading. The power stayed on. Cheers!

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(You Will) Set The World On Fire – David Bowie (2013)
Look… The Sun Rising – Flaming Lips (2013)
Get Down – The Pillowfights (2013)

Popcorn – Hot Butter (1972) (Childhood Classic)
Above The Middle – Odesza (2012) (Online freebie)
Roma – Mimi Goese and Ben Neill (2011)

We All Follow the Palace – Eastern Eagles (19990s?)
Love’s a Real Thing – Super Eagles (1972)

I’m Alive – 999 (1977)
Fictionromance – Buzzcocks (1978)
Billy’s Third – Undertones (1978)

Getting Away With It – Electronic (1989)
America Is Not The World – Morrissey (2004)
There is a Light That Never Goes Out – Sons and Heirs (2013) (Smiths Covers/NewTube)

African Revolution – Lee Scratch Perry  (2011)
Revolution Call – Punks Jump Up (2005)
Revolution – Beatles (1968)

The Prophet – Michael Kirkland (c. 1970)
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – Jimmy Smith (1965) (Satisfaction Guaranteed)

Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen – Sam Cooke (1963)
The Price – Solomon Burke (1964) (Book reviewed)

Remember Me – Steve Earle (2013)

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