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Once a month – the fourth Wednesday, to be precise – I host a radio show on WGXC, 90.7FM on the dial in the Hudson Valley, streamed live and archived at for the rest of you. The show is an eclectic, highly personal, mostly musical ramble through my life – what’s been going on the past month, what’s coming up, what records I’ve been buying, what politicians are pissing me off, with frequent dives into the musical past. There are a few regular sections (like ‘Childhood Classic’ and ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’), and occasional blasts of dead air  – but just to check you’re listening, of course. Not like I’d ever put up the incorrect fader.

I have now archived the shows on Mixcloud. Just visit my Mixcloud home page here or better yet, follow the embedded button below, and lo, that’s another ten+ hours of time you need to find in your life. One of the nice things about Mixcloud is it carries the track listing, and you can take the show with you on your iThingy. (In other words, there’s an App for that.) I gave up on archiving my May show after I was, initially, locked out of the studio, and then suffered a power outage during a mini-tornado that knocked down a church steeple within 100 ft of the studio. Other than those minor calamities, the show has been a blast. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoy hosting it.

Latest Tony_Fletcher’s Cloudcasts on Mixcloud

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