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Thanks to the Brooklyn Public Library for hosting myself and Alan Vega on Thursday evening in their fabulous new basement-located Zweck Center. I’ve spent countless hours, days, even weeks inside the beautiful building at Grand Army Plaza (its third floor Arts & Music section is one of the largest depositories of non-fiction music books in the world) and was therefore honored to be invited to host a discussion there to promote All Hopped Up and Ready To Go. Vega was on typically fine form, and I’d like to thank him for taking the journey out from Manhattan without any obvious benefit other than the chance to talk about New York City and its influence on his long-standing act Suicide. Thanks also to everyone who braved a particular frigid New York evening to what seems, at nighttime if not necessarily on a Saturday morning, a particularly far-flung location. Joly from filmed the event, and we hope to have it uploaded to YouTube sometime soon.

TF_Vega-002 Alan Vega and yours truly at the Brooklyn Public Library Thursday December 10th. Photo by Patrick Carmosino.

…On which note, the Strand Bookstore has just uploaded the talk/reading/discussion I held there a few weeks back with Jim Fouratt. It’s been broken into several different sections, so you can enjoy it piecemeal, beginning with the clip below in which I ramble on about the book and read briefly from it. I really enjoyed the back and forth with Fouratt (and the audience) so feel free to jump forward to some of the later clips.

I also have the DVD now from my event in Woodstock with Tommy Ramone, Fred Smith, Elda Gentile and Eric Weissberg. You would think that converting it to a web-friendly file and breaking it up into segments in the process would be so easy that I’d have had it online by now, but time seems always to be of the essence… Soon, I assure you.

And while I’m in the mood for gratitude and apologies, thanks to all regular iJamming! readers for bearing with my endless self-promotion for the new book in lieu of the posts on this that and the other that I’ve historically tended to share with you all. There are times when it’s fun to write about whatever takes your fancy, and times when you have to focus on (and promote) the work at hand. As you’ve no doubt noticed, I’ve been in one of those latter moods for a while now. Appreciate you all bearing with me. I have two more readings this year (one in Manhattan on Wednesday, one in my local village Phoenicia on Saturday, see the ad at the top of the iJamming! front page) and then I’m looking forward to the holidays. It feels like it’s been a good year: something about turning 45rpm? Cheers.

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  1. Dan

    7 January, 2010 at 7:30 pm

    Hi Tony—
    I have really enjoyed watching the videos of your book talks and I am looking forward to seeing the one from woodstock when you get it up. I was so happy to see Fred Smith and Elda Gentile on the panel and I would have loved to have been there as I think they are two of the unsung heroes of the punk movement. The Stillettoes were a force to be reckoned with in the early days and deserve all of the praise that they get today.
    Will there be any musical guests sharing the stage with you on Jan. 14th?

    All the best!


  2. 11 January, 2010 at 4:52 pm

    Thanks for commenting. I have the DVD of the Woodstock event and now the original tape too; we’re in the process of getting it converted to .AVI format so I can get it up on YouTube – wasn’t as automatic as I thought. There will not be any guests with me this Thursday; it’s me hosting a talk. Maybe see you there?



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