All Hopped up in Tribeca, on YouTube

My thanks to Joly at for uploading to YouTube my recent talk at the 92Y Tribeca. You can find it at my You Tube All Hopped Up and Ready To Go page, at Joly’s punkcast page, and you can also see it at the end of this post. The talk was meant to last about an hour; being me, I extended it to an hour and a half. I’m not a big person for sitting in front of a computer to watch pop videos, let alone lectures; primarily, as I was discussing with Joly over lunch after the talk in question, we archive this stuff so it’s there for future generations. That said, my talk – which I broke into sections on the Apollo Theatre, the Palladium Ballroom, Washington Square Park, and CBGBs – went off much better than I anticipated, so it’s entirely possible you may glean something of interest should you have the kind of computer set-up (HD screen, sofa, remote, popcorn, Châteauneuf du Pape) that invites a movie-length viewing…

Personally, if I had 90 minutes to watch an online video today, it would be to view President Obama’s historic dialogue with Congressional Republicans on Friday, at their retreat in Baltimore. I was in Brooklyn at the time and noticed quite the buzz about it, which is what you get for walking busy City streets during the day rather than being holed up in isolation in the woods writing about your teenage years. This President, in whom I have not lost my faith, has gone above and beyond in his willingness to engage the political opposition as part of the solution; it’s up to them whether they wish, instead, to remain part of the problem.

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  1. tom

    6 February, 2010 at 8:16 am

    Mesmerizing talk thanks Tony and enjoyed the Radio Woodstock interview too.


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