All Hopped Up keeps rolling along

A few more publicity items to report on All Hopped Up and Ready To Go. The day I headed off to the UK, the British free national newspaper Metro (a serious cut above the NYC freebie of the same name) published a half-page review, naming it their non-fiction book of the week, above Jonathan Safran Foer’s best-selling (in America) memoir about his dietary habits, Eating Animals. The review is scanned below and can be read online, here.


On the radio front, I conducted a bunch of interviews while in the UK, including items for BBC Radios Scotland, West Midlands, and Bristol, all of should have aired already, and also for London’s Arts Station, Resonance FM, where I talked mainly about Latin music for the Saturday lunchtime show Nostalgie Ya Mboka. Also for the UK, I was interviewed by such diverse publications as The American and Jazz Rag, and for online arts magazine The Quietus.

Back in the States, I’ve just been supplied the link to the podcast of my interview with Charlie Dyer on Palm Springs, CA station KNews: the quality of the phone line leaves something to be desired, but the chat went very well and I enjoyed it immensely. You can hear it via the play button at the bottom of this post.

Last week, I headed up to Albany, to our region’s wide-reaching NPR station, WAMC, to be interviewed for a future edition of Roundtable. Those who don’t live within WAMC’s reach may not be aware what an important, and indeed, excellent morning show this is, and I’m highly honored to be part of it. Thanks to Ian Pickus for having me on.

On Wednesday night, an interview I’d pre-taped with Nora Flaherty at the esteemed WFUV – ostensibly, the “college radio” station for Fordham University in the Bronx, but one with far wider reach and prestige, indeed one of the top college stations in the county – was aired. The segment stretches a full 45 minutes, and dare I say it, came out very well. Listen to this WMA stream, and you can hear the difference in quality – not just sonically, but conversationally – that comes with sitting opposite the interviewer in a professional studio, which is one reason I always push for it when I can in doing my own research.

Finally, I’ve just been sent this 5-star review in the May issue of Record Collector. Very kind words indeed. Click on the jpg below (twice, for reasons I don’t fully understand) to read full size.


Thanks to everyone for showing interest. The Music and Maps for Chapter 8 should be up any day.

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