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The publicity machine for All Hopped Up and Ready To Go continues to roll on. Last night, I had great fun talking with Doug Doescher at CBS’s new online radio station. I love it when interviewers have actually read the book and are genuinely excited by it; all the better when they rope in another guest who’s an old acquaintance of sorts. I see that Doug has podcast the interview already; The first half deals with Sarah Palin’s sudden ownership of the word “retard.” I’m featured on the second half of the one-hour show.

Tony Fletcher on Doug Chat


The nice people at have compiled the Mixes to accompany Chapter 2 and 3 of All Hopped Up. What was previously available in only 30-second bites can now be heard in entirety. I’ve learned along the way that each 8track mixecan only include two tracks by any one artist so for Chapter 3 we had to drop one each by the Ravens and Dominoes. That still leaves plenty more music for you to listen to as you read along. I’m including the mixes below, and also inserting them into the Music and Maps sections for each chapter, where I describe in some detail what you’re hearing. More full mixes to follow.


And I finally got through the process of transferring my book launch event in Woodstock last November from digital tape to Final Cut and back out to my You Tube channel. My thanks to my Catskills neighbors Dave Channon and Russell Richardson for loaning equipment and, in Dave’s case, also for filming the event in the first place. This is the one that included Tommy Ramone, Elda Gentile, Fred Smith and Eric Weissberg as panelists; thanks again to each of them for showing up on time and being such easy-going guests. Due to You Tube’s time restrictions, the event is broken down into nine parts, each less than ten minutes long. I’m posting the first of them below, my introduction to the book and event in general. Click through to YouTube to find Tommy, Elda, Fred and Eric reminiscing on the old days.


The book is just starting to appear in British stores and I’ll make a major announcement about some UK events in the very near future. Cheers.

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  1. Dan

    11 February, 2010 at 12:05 am

    Hi again Tony—
    I just finished watching all 8 parts of your Woodstock panel and it was amazing, not only to hear your research, but to actually hear it from the people who lived it. And for me, to see Elda, Fred, and Tommy together in the same room after all of these years is incredible! These are individuals who truly made their mark in music and who are so creative and humble and it is great to see them getting all of the credit they deserve. I love reading about the early to mid-seventies in the pre-punk and punk period and those guys are my heroes. Thanks so much for making the event happen and for filming and sharing it. I like the way you bookend your research with Blondie merging punk/rap/disco in Rapture. I never thought of it in that way but it is so true. Everything is connected to something else. The book is fantastic.

    All the best!


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