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I don’t think I was ever trained for any type of a peace keeping operation. I never walked down to a target during any gunnery and gave it a chicken, or pulled a lamb off the back of a truck and said “here you go.” What we train to do is we take ammunition and put holes through things. That’s where you get songs like ‘Behind The Screens’ or ‘24 Hours.’

Sgt Neil Saunders of the 1st Cavalry Division explains the inspiration behind his rap group 4th Quarter‘s debut album Live From Iraq – written, recorded and mixed while on tour (of duty). Ghostface Killah better rethink his resume. (As heard on NPR’s On The Media from December 30th; full interview available for download here.)


Since 1998, 198 members of Congress have retired. A little less than half have become lobbyists.

Newsweek explains the back-scratching (lack of) ethics behind the latest Washington scandal. Jan 16 2006


A Woodstock man was arrested after he telephoned a threat to “start shooting people” at the Phoenicia branch of Key Bank… Robert D. Heitmann, was apparently upset with overdraft charges to his account.

The Phoenicia Times of Jan 5 2006 reports that it’s not all peace and love in the Catskills. That also happens to be my local bank he threatened – which would be just my luck, wouldn’t it? Move out of urban Brooklyn to rural Phoenicia, only to find a local hippie suddenly going postal when I’m using the ATM…


“I show up at the court every day and I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do.”

Judge Samuel Alito explains why he’s qualified for a job on the Supreme Court. You cannot make this stuff up!

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