And the Winner Is…

If they couldn’t offer the same predictions (see previous post), at least all the weather web sites agreed on the actual temperature today, which according to their data, topped out at around 63F/17C somewhere between 2 and 3pm. My own outdoor thermometer (placed on the north side of the house, as recommended) came in just a couple of degrees lower, but any which way, it was ridiculously mild for early January, when average temperatures are at the freezing mark. Leaving aside all the issues of weird weather and what’s responsible for it, I have to reluctantly note that the weather forecasters’ web sites, Noah and Unisys, were hopefully off in their 54F/14C predictions. Populist web sites intellicast and appeared much more reliable, each predicting a high of 64F. Intellicast gets bonus points for offering an hour by hour breakdown, and plenty historical data. According to intellicast, the record high for January 8 was previously 45F, which shows you just how far off the chart today really was.

This may not be the only time I put the different sites to the test, but it’s interesting to note that the government’s weather site – Noah – was so far off the chart. So much for trusting our leaders, he writes with a wry smile. And as for WDST, which I thought had split the difference when yesterday it called for a high of 58F, this afternoon it got all carried away with itself and suddenly proclaimed we were peaking at 67F. Oh well. Guess we can’t trust the local radio station either.

I didn’t sweat it. Well not really. I did get out on the bike today but it felt pretty breezy all the same. That might be because I optimistically wore shorts. I got a fair few looks for doing so, but I just kept thinking of Jeff Carrigan and it got me through….

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