Athens Bound

…But this time, not for Greece. On Sunday October 21 I will be taking part in a seminar of sorts entitled “R.E.M. in Perspective: An Athens History.” The event, which is being presented by the Athens Historical Society, will be held at 2:00 p.m. in the town’s historic Steney-Stovall Chapel.

To quote the press release:

The program will feature two previously unscreened vintage videos of R.E.M. and two panel discussions.

The featured videos include an R.E.M. practice session recorded at Wuxtry Records in Atlanta prior to the release of their first record, and an early performance at the 688 Club in Atlanta.

Biographer Tony Fletcher, author of Remarks Remade: The Story of R.E.M., will open the session with his observations on Athens’ place in R.E.M.’s history. A follow-up panel will discuss R.E.M.’s Athens musical and artistic roots. Among the participants will be artist and filmmaker Jim Herbert, producer John Keane, music blogger Frank White, and Wuxtry Records’ owner Dan Wall.

A second panel will examine R.E.M.’s social, civic, political, economic and preservation impact on Athens and beyond. Scheduled participants are former Athens mayor Gwen O’Looney, community activist Tim Johnson, and historic preservation advocate Smith Wilson.

If any iJamming! readers live in the Athens area, I’d love to see you there. (And hear from you in advance.) I’m very excited at renewing my acquaintance with such a great city.

R.E.M. Live 2CD/1DVD
R.E.M. will be in the news in other ways that week, as they release their first ever live album, called, simply enough, R.E.M. Live. Their last studio album was 2004’s Around The Sun.

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