Back Up!

Three years to the day since I bought my Mac laptop. my hard drive died yesterday. I could tell that it was ailing and actually delivered the final blow trying a home repair; if that didn’t help, I planned on bringing it in for a professional repair. In the event, it’s beyond repair. Though hopefully not beyond data recovery. What have I learned from this?

1) When you know something’s wrong, get it seen to before it gets worse – however inconvenient the trip to the “doctor” may seem.

2) Back up, back up and back up your data again. I’m better than most people in this regard, but far from perfect. I’m hoping good old Tekserve will recover all my data – at a cost, of course, one that could and should have gone towards an external hard drive as an easy location for data dumping – but it will be a few days until I know for sure. Any e-mails more than three days old to which I haven’t responded will need to wait until, fingers crossed, I get the data back. If I don’t, I’ll lose some of my last month or two’s work, and need to take a deep breath, consider it a lesson learned and remind friends and foes alike, back up, back up and back up some more.

In the meantime, at least the new iJamming! can continue uniterrupted, as the site is hosted remotely and I can post from any computer. We have a beat up old Power Mac desktop that chugs slowly along on OS9; we regularly curse it every time it crashes but it’s a warhorse that frequently saves the day. It’s also the computer on which I wrote Dear Boy. It’s clearly got its uses.

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