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Definition of a species on the verge of extinction: the drive in line at McDOnalds on the garden state parkway. Get out and Walk (away).
6:45 AM Jul 1st from txt

Overheard at the beach bar: “I’m not going to apologize, i’m sorry.”
3:52 PM Jul 1st from txt

Point Pleasant = Coney Island on the Jersey shore. That’s a good thing. (Plus, nobody is threatening to tear it down to “Clean it up.”)
10:32 AM Jul 2nd from txt

It doesn’t get much more Jersey Shore than Southside Johnny at the Stone Pony For July 4.
2:59 PM Jul 2nd from txt

If You heard Southside johnny without knowing his past, your first thought would surely be: Man, this guy rips off The Boss.
11:04 AM Jul 3rd from txt

..The people of Asbury Park know better.
11:21 AM Jul 3rd from txt

Find of the week: perfect cappucino machine at Asbury Park Salvation Army – for $5
5:05 PM Jul 3rd from txt

Ice Age 3=Madagascar 2, Down to mad English self proclaimed hero-king, in this case Simon Pegg as a weasel. Still funny and, of course, …
9:58 AM Jul 4th from txt

It doesn’t get much more Jersey Shore than Listening to Bruce on the ipod (on the boardwalk) on July 4. (Fortunately i love a good cliche.)
10:40 AM Jul 4th from txt

Definition of happiness (for a 4-year old): sun, sand, a shallow tide, a doting big brother to play with, a ride home – and no mortgage.
7:48 PM Jul 5th

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