The new web for finding us near-enough-free-rides to the Burn and back from Reno, and saved us cost and hassle of car rental.

The True Mirror Palace for, literally, opening our eyes to the truth about our reflection.

The Village Green Preservation Society

The 5th Annual Burning Man 5k (I finished second overall, a true surprise and a treat)


The trampoline opposite our tent at Kidsville for providing endless entertainment

The Fresh Veg camp that set up just down the road from Kidsville and handed out fresh veg every morning for breakfast. (And for organizing the Carrots Rights march.)

The random ‘Finish’ line. You had me fooled for a moment.

The Praying Mantis and the Scorpion, far and away the most riveting new vehicles on the Playa this year.

All the Art that we never got time to see properly

The French Quarter wine cellar and brewery for making, pouring and storing wine

The reggae and IPA party at Shadyvil Wednesday afternoon. For an hour or two the DJ played the best mix of old-and-new JA classics I’ve heard. Irie!

Ron Hill for bringing a bottle of his excellent self-produced A-non-ah-mus Grenache to the Barbie wine tasting

The Texan who brought a bottle of his home State friend’s Red Caboose Winery Merlot – all 16.5% of it. (And damn good, it has to be said.)

The Department of Mutant Vehicles for taking the kids on a tour of the premises and telling us how it all works.

Jim Morris for bringing by a magnum of his Michel-Schlumberger Dry Creek Valley Cab Sauv – from 1996. And getting Campbell to say “I love you.” To me. After he had gone. Dude.

The Vibes Vehicle, the Pac Man vehicle, the Boat on Wheels, and all the Mutant Vehicles we probably never saw

The Chair

Pink Heart for serving Coconut Bliss
The virgin Brits who totally got the message, serving up Pimms cocktails in tennis whites while playing Primal Scream
All the DJs – most of whom I never heard
All our friends at Kidsville
The tequila tasting at Kidsville (adults only, I assure you)
The dude who pointed us to the fallen meteorites on the Black Rock Playa during our six hour Exodus
All the camps we never got to explore
All the friends we made and won’t see again for another year.

The Playa

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