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London wins the 2012 Olympic Bid and thousands go mad in Trafalgar Square. New York fails in its bid, and a few dozen people shrug their shoulders for the TV cameras at Rockefeller Center before getting on with their day. The Olympics were only ever going to be awarded to a city and nation whose people clamored for the honor, which means New York was never in with a decent shout. Does anyone seriously believe that if the proposed West Side Stadium in Manhattan had been railroaded through (ouch!) over the last few weeks, it would have made a difference? I certainly don’t.

I’d love New York to host the Olympics some year if it’s properly planned, allows the public a say in what new stadiums are built and where, and is not tied in with a Mayor’s re-election campaign. In the meantime, congratulations to London and all those involved. (What do London-based iJamming! readers think about it, anyway?) And if New York Deputy Mayor Daniel Doctoroff wants to offer his resignation for publicly embarrassing this great city with his ineffective chest- and brow-beating I hope Mayor Bloomberg will accept it. Now, who are those Democrat Candidates for Mayor, again?

A resident of Madrid tries to show his disappointment by wearing… a ManchesterUnited shirt? Is this a David Beckham fan secretly leaning for London?

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  1. snotty moore

    6 July, 2005 at 7:10 pm

    We certainly haven’t been clamouring for the honour here, but I’m very pleased the games have gone to London. For a start, in seven years, I’ll wander down the road with my daughter to watch the Olympics, something no New Yorker has ever said, or ever will while America remains perceived as the bully of the world.
    But more importantly it’ll be fantastic in Britain. We will watch any sport as long as it’s top level. In Athens the venues were empty, in London they’ll be full for everything, and every competitor will have at least some home support. Just chuck out stupid sports like baseball (a good game but not global) and beach volleyball and bring in cricket (played in every continent) and darts (maybe not darts- snooker then), get Chas and Dave and some morris dancers for the opening ceremony and it’ll be blinding. I am sick of twats moaning about transport and facilities which will be underused. If the biggest city in Europe can’t host the Olympics, who can? (I actually heard a woman on the radio a few months ago complaining that the Stratford site was ‘too far’ from her home in South East London- there’s Kenyan kids who run further to school each day)
    The Commonwealth Games really did regenerate large areas of Manchester and the same will happen in London. We’ll get a new bridge, 2 new tube lines and possibly even Crossrail a mere thirty five years late. And 4000 new homes. And sensible, scaled down facilities. Hell, we might even get to cheer on some British medal winners…


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