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“The nature of history … is no more than a chain of stories and lives, all interwoven, often in the most unexpected ways.” So says Laszlo Jakab Orsos, director of the Hungarian Cultural Center – and with good reason, as you’ll surely agree once you read this unlikely tale

Charles Legendy recently found himself in Times Square, standing underneath a picture of himself some 50 years younger, back when he participated in the Hungarian uprising of 1956. Legendy, who escaped to the USA later that year and thereby avoided living under another 40+ years of Communism, had never seen the picture before, had to be convinced by his wife that it was indeed himself. The photo is on a billboard “celebrating” the 50th anniversary of the uprising, serving perhaps to remind that freedom comes at a great price, if it comes at all. But Legendy knows this, too: his son is with the United States Army, currently stationed in Baghdad. “Because of my experience of Hungary, I feel very strongly about Iraq,” Legendy is quoted as saying in Sunday’s New York Times. “The Baathists and the Communists are so close, first cousins. The cause of liberty is a great one.”

Charles Legendy, photographed as a 19-year old in Hungary, a picture he did not see until 50 years later, when it was erected on a billboard by the Hungarian Cultural Exhanged and plastered over Times Square.


Web Site of The Week

Found this site yesterday while searching (in vain) for the full lyrics to The Rapture’s ‘Whoo! Alright Yeah…Uh Huh.’ The Wisdom of The Matty is one man’s blog “pertaining to Wine, Food, Sports, Music and Movies,” which sounds not too unlike iJamming! Especially given that Matty’s musical tastes include Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, TV On The Radio, Yo La Tengo and (but of course) The Rapture, and that his food and wine reports focus on what must be his native California. He’s also a massive football fan with thousands of words a week given over to analyzing the latest results. Unfortunately for most iJamming! readers, Matty favors “college football” of the American kind, but while I’ll skim over those posts in future, I’m bookmarking his site for regular reference. You might want to do the same.

Homecoming Gift of the Week

Upon my birthday last April, I posted of my joy at receiving a football – and yes, I mean a football – from Campbell, hand-painted and presented with a note stating that he looked forward to playing with the ball, with me. Unfortunately the ball burst a few weeks ago and that, it seemed, was that. But then shortly before flying home on Sunday, the wife asked that I call from the car when I was but ten minutes from home. A little bemused, I agreed. When I pulled up the driveway, it was to find Campbell and Posie passing a fluorescent new ball back and forth, and better yet, with Noel protectively standing between the goal posts of a brand new net. A better homecoming gift would be hard to imagine.

Score! Daddy comes home to a golden goal(post).

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