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I just had a shiver go down my spine. I’ve gone a whole week without one of those eery coincidences that make me believe in pixies and faerie dust. During that time, I finally put finger to keyboard and, months after receiving the magazines and music in question, wrote up this extensive Bill Nelson retrospective. The next part you have to believe me on: having formatted the entire piece for the site, I figure I should put in a link for Bill Nelson himself. (I really don’t follow his solo output.) I type ‘Bill Nelson’ into Google and find what quickly looks like the obvious place,
But the link actually redirects me to, home page for the Sound On Sound music publication, a crafty piece of weird google tactics on part of the publishers. Equally crafty, however, is the ad that appears in the top right corner: it’s for NELSONICA 2005, the Bill Nelson Fan Club convention, this Saturday October 22nd. That is, tomorrow.

The all-day event, at which Bill will be performing, takes place at The Duke Of Cumberland Pub, High Street, North Ferriby, near Hull, the same pub at which Be-Bop Deluxe debuted and to which the title track of Axe Victim refers.

Coincidence? Why not? Bill might honor this event every year. But you would still have to ask: why did I wait until today to post this piece? Why not a month ago? Why not Monday? Why did I not look up Bill Nelson’s web site three days ago? A week ago? A year ago?

Answers on a postcard… from above.

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