Boy About Town: The Radio Show

I’ve had quite a lot of people ask not so much if, but when I plan to share out a massive playlist related to my memoir Boy About Town. The idea is valid, for sure, and I looked into a Spotify playlist related to the 50 Chapter titles. But some of the songs are unavailable, and some of them are more of an arbitrary word choice than the music I actually listened to at the time, plus the Spotify thing only really works on Facebook. And YouTube playlists, as I discovered from trying to do something similar with the Smiths book, suffer from constant copyright issues and subsequent deletions.

So here’s the next best thing. On Monday October 21, 2013, I hosted a two-hour show on East Village Radio dedicated to Boy About Town. If you follow this link, you can hear me talk about the book, read from the book, and play lots of music related to the book – from the bubblegum pop and glam rock of the early 1970s through to the punk, new wave, reggae and post-punk of the late 1970s. You can also hear me talk to Andy Rourke about his own childhood experiences growing up in Manchester. (We were born in the same year.) The show includes the authentic sound of scratchy 7-inch vinyl, and if that bothers you, just remember, as John Peel famously put it when questioning the argument for that new-fangled compact disc thingy, “LIFE has surface noise.”

Hear Tony Fletcher's EVR SpecialĀ 


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