But I’m Different Now?

Our Landlady Shona has already posted this picture in the Pub, but having woken up to also find it in my InBox, I feel duty bound to share it with anyone out in iJamming! land who knows all the relevant parties. The photo was taken last night, Monday February 13, at the 100 Club, where Paul Weller played a small show in advance of his big night at The Brits. Shona was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets and graciously took her old friend Jeni. As you can see, they talked themselves backstage with equal ease to the days in 1982, when my old band Apocalypse toured with The Jam and the two young ladies traveled with us. Presumably one of the girls (they’ll always be “girls” to me) has a similar picture from all those years ago, and if they do, they should share it: I have a feeling everyone looked exactly the same.

Nice one. This post is for you…

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  1. Shona

    16 February, 2006 at 8:35 pm

    Nice one Tony – Lucky you didn’t post the other one Tony where Weller had a handful…….

    What I need to point out here and Jeni will back me on this is that Weller had literally come off stage – and spent what seemed liked ages talking to us and asking how everyone was and what they were all up to (and if Jeff still had the tiny ponytail)……. I showed him the photo taken in 1982 and asked if we could do a 2006 version – I also pointed out that I was only 17 back then and he had his hand on my bum – and he would have to do the same this time to make it as close to the original (which was infact not true and we all cracked up) – especially as this time round he did place his left hand on my left cheek …. We both also got a hug and a kiss! Roll on another twenty-three and a half years…….


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