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It’s the holiday season and, economic crisis or no, you’re probably thinking of buying gifts for your family, your friends and maybe yourself. I’ve noticed many e-mails already this year, from friends and acquaintances, asking me to consider buying their own “work” as a gift, be it music, words, wine or something else – and it’s had an effect. I like to Shop Local/Buy Independent whenever I can, and I’m always happy to support friends and small businesses.

However, I’m also a self-employed writer who likewise needs the support of the general public. And so, as I go offline for a few days to get my current book in to the editor before the end of, um, I think it was September, I’m going to ask iJamming! readers to consider purchasing one of my books for the holidays – not so much for yourselves (you have them already, right?) as for your friends and loved ones. Sure, none of these books are brand new. But they’ll still look good on a shelf in ten or twenty years, which is more than can be said for those silly seasonal specials that are clogging up the check-out tables of your local big bookstore even as I speak.

Every one of these books is readily available through a distributor – which means that, if you’d like to support a writer you know this year and an independent book store, just give that local store a call, quote the ISBN number, and ask them to order it for you. That said, we all appreciate the convenience of,, Barnes& and so on, and Amazon does offer me a small incentive to place business their way. My UK publishers, Omnibus Press/Music Sales, have their own mail-order business with comparable rates for the relevant books.

I hope that, this time next year, just in time for the holidays, I’ll be celebrating the launch of another book, All Hopped Up And Ready To Go: Music From The Streets of New York 1927-77, to be published by WW Norton. And I hope you’ll be happy to support me again when that time comes. For now, even if you already own all these books, please think of a friend or family member who may appreciate the gift. In many cases, I won’t automatically see a royalty payment, but I’ll still see the sales registered somewhere down the line, and both myself and my publishers will be pleased about that. If anyone would like a book inscribed, I’d be happy to do so through the mail. I appreciate your support. Like any writer, I enjoy people reading my work. And, likewise, like any writer, I appreciate getting paid for putting those words in order in the first place.

If you’d like to support iJamming! directly, please consider making a donation via the paypal/amazon buttons to the top right of this page.

Happy Holidays.

Dear Boy: The Life Of Keith Moon, with new Afterword (2005)
The most up-to-date English language edition of the best-selling biography.
ISBN-13: 978-1844498079
Available through from £10.50,
Through from $21.12
The UK hardback edition still seems to be available via resellers at
iJamming! Keith Moon pages start here

The Clash: The Complete Guide To Their Music (2005)
A short and sweet, album-by-album discography, complete with the stories behind every song.
ISBN-13: 978-1844495061
Available through from £4.50.
And through from $6.95.
iJamming! Clash pages start here

Hedonism: A Novel (2003)
My first and, I trust, not my last novel. NB: Adult content.
ISBN-13: 978-0711998896
Available through from £9.50.
MusicRoom has copies from £7.46.
And starts at only $5.60.
iJamming! Hedonism pages start here

Remarks Remade: The Story Of R.E.M. (2003)
Updated several times over the years, with R.E.M.’s co-operation. This edition is the most recent. The early years are the most interesting, anyway.
ISBN-13: 978-0711991132
Through from £7.06.
Through from $15.96.
iJamming! R.E.M. pages start here

Moon: The Life And Death of a Rock Legend
(USA paperback edition of Dear Boy, 2000. If you can, buy the UK paperback.)
ISBN-13: 978-0380788279
Through from £14.46
Through from $16.76
iJamming! Keith Moon pages start here
The American hardback edition still seems to be available via resellers at

Never Stop: The Echo & The Bunnymen Story (1987)
Out of print
iJamming! Echo & The Bunnymen pages start here

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