Gilles and his impressive book case.

Gilles Verlant: A Tribute

Good friends may be rare, but they are not hard to come by. There is no effort involved in the acquisition of a good friend. The relationship just happens, often...
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Campbell Prom

School’s Out… for ever

To say this is a major weekend would be significantly under-stating the case. There’s the Ian McLagan show at the Bearsville Theater tonight, and the small matter of the marathon...
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The Boston Marathon as I know and love it.

Boston Blues

The last time I had this many people check in on my well-being was September 11, 2001. I guess a lot of friends know that I have run the Boston...
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I posted this on my Facebook page Friday December 14, around 3:45pm. I realize it needs to be stated here as well. I tend to only use my Facebook page...
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The United States of America

This past August and September, our family took a road trip across the United States of America, traveling to Burning Man and back. Leaving New York (never easy), we traveled...
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The Greatest Ride of Our Lives Part 7: California-Cleveland

Our trip back across the country from Nevada took only half the time we spent getting out there – five days as opposed to ten – but it was equally...
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The Greatest Ride of Our Lives Part 5: The Grand Canyon

As a writer, I’m understandably wary of the old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” But when it comes to the Grand Canyon… I was speechless. The photographs...
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The Greatest Ride of Our Lives Part 4: 1500 miles across America’s South

Part 3, Part 2, Part 1 Hard though it seems now to believe, but on a Tuesday afternoon this past August, on our family cross-country road trip, we were still...
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