Heads held high.

Heads Held High: The USA’s Triumphant World Cup

Early on the morning of June 21, 2002, just two hours after watching England lose 2-1 to Brazil in the Quarter-Finals of the World Cup, and on just about no...
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Alexei Lalas as he never dared imagine: defending against Brazil's Romario in the 1994 World Cup in the USA - on July 4, no less.

World Cup Allegiances: Why I Support The USA

It’s that time when every expat’s thoughts are presumed to turn to their home country. I’m talking about the World Cup Finals, and the notion that we are all birth...
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On PLaying Fields of Wembley 1r_edited-1

Crystal Palace at Wembley: My eye-witness account

I didn’t make it over to London for ‘the £120m game,‘ Crystal Palace’s play-off Final against Watford that saw my beloved Eagles gain promotion to the Premier League. But I...
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R.I.P. Malcolm Allison

A short excerpt from my upcoming memoir, Boy About Town, this part about following Crystal Palace FC: The first year I started going to the Palace on my own, the...
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Final Thoughts (or, What do we do with the rest of our summer?)

Spain deserved to win Holland deserved to lose Brazil deserved to lose to Holland, too (Since when and why did two of the world’s most talented footballing nations decide to...
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Vuvuzuela Fever

Well it’s Father’s Day, and what better day to be proud of my sons. Anyone knows 14-yr old Campbell, they’ll know he’s a born artist and a natural comic. When...
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Americans’ Tolerance for World Cup Soccer: High?

The graph I posted Friday, in the previous post, courtesy of my son Campbell and his Internet hunting, was humorous. It may be true of a percentage of the population....
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Americans’ Tolerance for World Cup Soccer: Low?

There’s been an absence of proper posts of late, for which I somewhat apologize. I’m busy editing a larger piece of work, the World Cup takes up every spare moment,...
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