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We’re Leaving Home, bye bye

As most of you probably know, Tony Fletcher, Posie Strenz and Noel Fletcher will be leaving home on January 1 to spend 2016 backpacking their way around the world. Campbell Fletcher will be spending...
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boy about town

Boy About Town Bonus chapter

‘Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting’ was originally intended to appear as ‘Number 44’ in Boy About Town’s sequential order of short stories, in between the chapters ‘Mamma Mia’ and ‘Join...
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Tony, Noel & Posie: I suspect we won't be dressed like this on the road,

Tony, Posie and Noel’s Big Adventure

So, here’s the news… On January 1, 2016, myself, my wife Posie, and our younger son Noel will be setting off on a ten-month, round-the-world backpacking journey. Goodbye Catskills, goodbye...
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An hour after the race, looking better for a beer and fresh clothes.

Boston Strong 2015

Marathon racing is a tough sport, we all know that. It takes an intense amount of training, usually over the cold of winter or the heat of summer, to prepare...
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wp with JH

The “Sunday Soul Sermon”

Swapped out my usual monthly, mid-week, 150-minute show on WGXC for a Sunday evening two-hour special, flexing off my travels and research and interviews for my Wilson Pickett biography. Thoroughly enjoyed...
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iJamming! An Update

Every now and then, this site goes a little quiet. That’s what happens when you try and maintain something like iJamming! for fifteen years, straight. So, in case you were wondering: I...
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Jeremy Kushnier, Grace Stockdale, Jonathan Hammond, and Alexis Fishman. Photo by Carol Rosegg

Atomic: A New Musical

Especially, but not limited to those in the New York vicinity, I’d like to recommend Atomic: The Idea That Shook The World, a new off-Broadway musical that our family saw...
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Gilles and his impressive book case.

Gilles Verlant: A Tribute

Good friends may be rare, but they are not hard to come by. There is no effort involved in the acquisition of a good friend. The relationship just happens, often...
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