R.E.M. Unplugged

Got my copy of R.E.M.‘s “new” double CD, Unplugged 1991/2001, this week. It helps confirm why R.E.M. were America’s greatest group, ever. Indeed, one of the big regrets of my...
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The Smiths and R.E.M.: Compare and Contrast

Back in April, I gave a talk at a local library on R.E.M. and The Smiths, comparing and contrasting what I firmly consider the two most important and influential bands...
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The Day That Margaret Thatcher Dies

Since moving upstate in 2005 I have tried desperately hard to become a better person. In the nature of the Woodstock environment, I have taken up zazen at the local...
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Up and coming Events

Over the coming few weeks, I will be making the following public/media appearances. WEDNESDAY MARCH 27 ALL HOPPED UP (AND READY TO GO): Monthly music and talk show on WGXC Radio, 90.7...
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R.E.M. Perfect Circle: An excerpt

Perfect Circle, the final update of my long-standing R.E.M. biography, is officially published in the UK today. Read more about it in a post I uploaded a couple of weeks...
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Available now: R.E.M. Perfect Circle

I have a book published this week in the UK. It’s called R.E.M. Perfect Circle. Is it a new biography of the band? Not exactly. Is it a straight reissue of...
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We Can’t Afford To Wait

As a self-employed family man, I can’t afford to wait. I support affordable health care. I support a Public Option. And I thank R.E.M. for stepping up to the plate....
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Road Trip #3: A tale of Two Gigs

R.E.M. at Madison Square Garden, Thursday June 19 The Ting Tings at Southpaw, Friday June 20 L Magazine describes the R.E.M./Modest Mouse/National concert at Madison Square Garden, Thursday June 19,...
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