An hour after the race, looking better for a beer and fresh clothes.

Boston Strong 2015

Marathon racing is a tough sport, we all know that. It takes an intense amount of training, usually over the cold of winter or the heat of summer, to prepare...
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A Monday Musing

Being vegan and athletic, I very rarely get sick. But the latter lifestyle choice does occasionally make for exhaustion – and never more so than if I’m training for a...
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The view from the Inn the next morning...

Top Five Work-Outs of 2013, Part 4

Number 2) Running the Peak District Part of the fun of travel for me is the opportunity to run somewhere new. I’ve seen so much of so many cities and...
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An unimaginative cover for a book that is full of the stuff.

Book Review: Run Wild by Boff Whalley

PREMISE: Chumbawamba guitarist hits 50, takes a year’s sabbatical in America to write a memoir about his love of “wild running” – and uses his observations of the 2010 New...
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A contented contender.

A mid-packer and proud of it: Taking on the Olympic Distance Triathlon

Strength Doesn’t Come From What You Can Do. It Comes From Overcoming The Things You Once Thought You Couldn’t. I only saw the above axiom after completing my first Olympic...
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Racers coming through the finish line. The true top of Vermont off in the distance.

The Race to the Top of Vermont 2013

All runners have their strengths and weaknesses. Of the latter, I can list plenty; of the former, I know that I am a solid uphill runner. As such, I take...
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The elevation profile for Manitou's Revenge.  I started at Platte Clove.

Manitou’s Revenge

When does running a full marathon through the unforgiving Catskill Mountains count as a cop-out? When you’re one of only two relay teams and the other 60 entrants are all...
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Burlington Blues

Anyone who has run a marathon – or participated in any endurance sport, come to that – knows that, seasonal averages be damned, trying to predict the weather for race...
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