A mid-packer and proud of it: Taking on the Olympic Distance Triathlon

Strength Doesn’t Come From What You Can Do. It Comes From Overcoming The Things You Once Thought You Couldn’t. I only saw the above axiom after completing my first Olympic...
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The Race to the Top of Vermont 2013

All runners have their strengths and weaknesses. Of the latter, I can list plenty; of the former, I know that I am a solid uphill runner. As such, I take...
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Manitou’s Revenge

When does running a full marathon through the unforgiving Catskill Mountains count as a cop-out? When you’re one of only two relay teams and the other 60 entrants are all...
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Burlington Blues

Anyone who has run a marathon – or participated in any endurance sport, come to that – knows that, seasonal averages be damned, trying to predict the weather for race...
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Boston Blues

The last time I had this many people check in on my well-being was September 11, 2001. I guess a lot of friends know that I have run the Boston...
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A Distance for Everyone

…So runs the tag line and sales pitch for the brand new, cross-America HITS Triathlon Series. I first heard about the Series on a Marathon training run this past winter,...
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Summer Hitlist 2: The Annual Escarpment Run

The original Olympian spirit – of amateur sportsmen competing not for monetary gain but to prove themselves the best that they can be – lives on in my favorite competition...
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The Finger Lakes 50: Ten Reasons to Love My FIrst Ultra

1) It was time. And place. Several of my running buddies in the Catskills have been at me to run an ultra for years now. I’ve always been put off...
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