Some Days Are Better Than Others

I’ve often said there’s no such thing as a bad day’s skiing, only that some days are better than others. Still, on Sunday morning, it looked like my positive thinking...
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A helmet, a Hammond and a podcast on Hunter Mountain

The scene: Hunter Ski Mountain, the express lift to the summit. It’s a Friday, a powder day too, but the mountain is not crowded: the storm has only just subsided...
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Top Five Work-Outs of 2013, Part 5

Number 1) Skiing at Mammoth Mountain. None of the preceding adventures came with a price for admission, which is one of the reason to love the great outdoors. It’s also...
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Mammoth Powder Part 3

A Mammoth Skiing Adventure Part 1 Part 2   Skiing is a curious sport. From the outside, it seems perfectly pointless. A close relative has asked me a few times,...
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Mammoth Powder: A Short Story (part 2)

Read Mammoth Rental: A Short Story (Part 1) here   I was standing on a precipice 11,000 feet above sea level. The temperature was nine below zero Farenheit with the...
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Mammoth, The Rental: A Short Story

“You need an SUV.” The man at the Thrifty desk at LAX seemed as certain about my needs as I felt certain that he was trying to fleece me. “If...
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March Madness 1: Spring Skiing

It would seem axiomatic that in a winter where it had not snowed in any sort of recognizable quantity, the skiing would suck, and big time. Oddly enough, the conditions...
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I Witness: Spring Skiing

Hunter Mountain, March 8, 1pm. It takes a long time to melt six feet of fresh snow....
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