The Hip-Hugger: Booker T. Jones in Woodstock

Last year, for our annual concert by The Catskill 45s, I figured it was time for me to finally lead a song on the Hammond B3, given that we are...
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Tony Fletcher’s All Hopped Up (and Ready To Go)

On Wednesday February 27, I launched a monthly radio show, Tony Fletcher’s All Hopped Up (and Ready To Go) on WGXC, “hands-on radio” for NY’s Columbia and Greene Counties at...
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This is Radio Fletch

On Friday December 14, a day that will otherwise go down in American infamy, I played guest DJ on WGXC, a ‘hands-on radio’ station that serves Columbia and Greene Counties...
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It Was Thirty Year Ago Today: The Jam’s Last Stand.

Last Saturday, December 8, someone tweeted me to observe that it was thirty years to the day since they had seen my old band, Apocalypse, open for the Jam at...
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Eight Track Cartridges: A museum opens in Roxbury

During our family’s recent road trip across America, I made a point of visiting music museums, from Memphis to Kansas City to Cleveland. I hadn’t expected to return home to...
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Thick As Thieves: Jam fans tell their story

Two years back, while in Britain on a lengthy research trip for my Smiths biography, I went to Brighton for a Paul Weller concert (my first time seeing the Modfather...
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Road Trip Reading and Listening

The one thing this Amazon widget can not include is the series of ‘Road Trip’ CDs a group of us made last year as part of a chain-mail make-your-own-mix CD...
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Summer Hitlist 1: The Olympics Opening Ceremony

Since the end of World War II and the Decline of Empire, Great Britain has been suffering from a severe identity crisis, a seemingly relentless and fruitless search for self...
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