Coincidence? Or else…

Yesterday I was down in New York City, interviewing Neil Sedaka in his palace of a Park Avenue apartment. Not surprisingly, I came out feeling like a somewhat scruffy under-achiever. Given that I a) have been wearing the same wedding jacket since my own wedding approximately 74 years ago (a point I became acutely aware of this past Saturday) and, b) I had some time to kill and, c) the nearest subway was at Bloomingdales, I stopped in to the famed department store to check out the Men’s Department.

It was more window shopping than a buying expedition and though I looked longingly at Armani – just feel that quality – the only designer whose jackets I actually tried on was Ted Baker of London. Maybe it was a little bit of nationalism in me, maybe it was the slight mod feel – but I liked his clothes. Enough to make note of the logo and the price and promise myself enough time some other time to maybe treat myself after all these years.

I get back to Phoenicia just in time to pick up my mail from the Post Office. I’m having a terrible time of it getting my mail forwarded from Brooklyn – you know you’re in trouble when even your old bills can’t find you – and the only thing to have made it these 100 miles was a small square box… from Ted Baker.

Yes, from Ted Baker. Same logo and everything. Inside the box was a 2oz jar of “homemade” English strawberry jam, wrapped in an invite to the opening of the, presumably very English, Ted Baker’s new Womenswear Boutique in Soho, Manhattan – on September 21. That was three weeks ago today. (Told you I’m having a terrible time of it getting the mail forwarded.) Why did this package show up the same day I tried on his clothes for the very first time?

Shona? Snotty? Your comments?

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  1. Shona

    12 October, 2005 at 12:48 pm

    Well there you go Tony – I’ve been banging on about coincidences for ages – (usually I’m like.. oh this is weird.. that is weird…..) I emailed you – late last night about all this – only to find – yet another one on here today…..
    My thoughts are that you are opening up to psychic possibilities …. and that moving to CATSKILLS – where I believe you have reached your spiritual home – has freed up your mind…….. allowing not coincidences to happen – but fate!
    Something is going down with the world lately – all of us (well the open minded ones) are feeling it … many people have described events from Boxing day onwards as the starting the Apocalypse …. (I don’t share those thoughts) – However – the real Apocalypse are all now back in touch …….
    I strongly advise you to take notes of any dreams – and to find a spiritual church or gathering ….. just pop along … see what the crack is …. but please keep us (or me if others object) posted…

  2. David

    12 October, 2005 at 1:29 pm

    synchronicity – the act of noticing the concidences that APPEAR to have meaning to you, whilst not noticing all the others…

    check out some Robert Anton Wilson stuff for some head warping when needed

    “Something is going down with the world lately – all of us (well the open minded ones) are feeling it” – and maybe the closed minded too, but how will we know?

    it’s all about the Schumann Resonance frequency – the “pulse” of the planet. Been going up for the past fifteen years or so, and as we’re all water-based electric systems we feel the effect…

  3. 12 October, 2005 at 7:02 pm


    I didn’t know you would pass this kind of comment. And I don’t detect any obvious cynicism!

    Personally, I’m happy to put all number of events down to coincidence. Had I tried on an Armani coat yesterday instead of Ted Baker I couldn’t have claimed such a twist of fate. Had I not gone to Bloomingdales, had I been around to pick up my mail on Saturday… I’m aware that here and there things will just bunch up in a weird way. But when you factor in the Apocalypse coincidence last week – 19,000-1 that my iPod would play two Apocalypse songs in a row straight out according to our webmaster Kenny, and then play in the very coincidence that this happened right after hearing from our missing drummer of 20 years… Hey, even if it’s just science playing tricks on me, I like to be impressed by it.

    And if it’s not, I’m equally in awe of whatever mysterious forces are at work…

    take care


  4. David

    13 October, 2005 at 5:58 am

    didn’t you know ipods are sentient? The very first time I really used mine (ie full-on sit back, relax and SHUFFLE) was on a plane, lots of songs loaded, and what comes on? “Flying” by the Beatles…

    no cynicism above – quite into the study of coincidence (in fact, it’s quite a coincidence you’ve brought it up). Fully recomend Robert Anton Wilson’s stuff about the number 23 if you haven’t come across it already – life changing stuff.

  5. Katt

    13 October, 2005 at 7:57 am

    From what I’ve noticed recently, partly from mine & Shonas interactions but also from life in general, coincidences are just becoming too frequent to still be classified as coincidental!

    & David, what is it about the number 23, as I seem to have a lot of connections to that number? And (I could be thick but-) who is Robert Anton Wilson?

  6. Kevin

    13 October, 2005 at 10:18 am

    “It’s just coincidence/Well you can talk that way
    But I have to say/I don’t believe in it”
    Tears by Mark Burgess of The Chameleons

    I share Shona’s sentiments — since you have moved to the country, and are basically no longer bombarded by noise pollution your sense of perception and total awareness are no longer being distracted…

    Albert Einstein is credited with stating, “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

    So stay tuned — and be well…

    – Kevin –

  7. 13 October, 2005 at 11:57 pm

    “It’s just coincidence/Well you can talk that way
    But I have to say/I don’t believe in it”
    Tears by Mark Burgess of The Chameleons

    Of course, as you probably know Kevin, The Chameleons also released a record called ‘Tony Fletcher Walked On Water.’ But that’s notcoincidence or God, that’s just playing at DEgrees of Separation… I think.

    What’s most entertaining about all this is that there I was being half-embarrassed about moving to the land of the hippies and New Age freaks, and yet it turns out the iJamming! crew would fit into the area like tie-die shirts at a white man’s reggae concert!

    But then, as I was discussing in private with someone about this subject, the catskills are quite a magical area and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Lady of the Lake any day – or at least a Headless Horseman!



  8. Kevin

    14 October, 2005 at 8:11 am

    “the catskills are quite a magical area”

    *** ** * ** ***

    Believe it or not, I was going to ask you about your bedroom — I have found in my journey that certain rooms act as control center — when I lived in a Victorian House it was the round room and the power of Pi…in Waldwick it was Tristan’s bedroom — the room was mystical…I have a suspicion concerning the new abode…

    I seldom talk about any of this outside of chatting with my Dad (my Dad was my childhood confidant) and Stefanie (she was my chosen one), because, get this, a Romanian told me not to share too much…he did inform me that my connection was due to gypsie-Irish-blood…funny stuff…following day I read an interview with Will Sergeant talking about why U2 made it BIG — he said, (paraphrase) “U2 loved being on the road, but then again the Irish do have that gypsie quality about them.”

    Anyway…enjoy the vibes…

    Be well and stay safe,
    – Kevin –

  9. snotty moore

    16 October, 2005 at 6:53 pm

    Ted Baker is no more real than Tipsy McStagger or Ronald McDonald, Tony. He was invented by a man in shirts called Raymond Galvin. He isn’t stalking you, any more than St Michael is hiding in my underwear drawer.


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