Daniel Robert Epstein

Back when Hedonism was published in, what was that, 2003 (I’ve forgotten!), Daniel Robert Epstein stepped forward to interview me for the Suicide Girls site. (You can find that interview here.) I was thrilled about this: talk about targeting your core audience! Daniel was a rabid interviewer, by which I mean he interviewed someone just about every day of his life and posted those interviews, more or less verbatim, at Suicide Girls. Either he was made for the web or the web was made for him; by the last count, he had several hundred such interviews on the SG site, and believe me, just about all the others were more newsworthy than yours truly.

But Daniel went a step further for me. (And for himself, I suppose.) He invited me to participate in a Suicide Girls-sponsored authors’ night at Amanda Stern’s Happy Ending Reading Series at the bar/club/former massage parlor of that name in Chinatown. I shared the stage (of sorts) with cartoonist Neil Swaab, Oren Bloedow of Elysian Fields, Amanda Stern and, of course, Daniel. It was a small gathering, but intensely enjoyable, probably one of the more (socially) rewarding events I’ve participated in, a very New York experience and the kind I will treasure. (Read more about it here.) I kept waiting for more Suicide Girls-sponsored interview nights at Happy Ending, but for whatever reason, this turned out to be a one-off. I was proud to have been in on it.

Daniel Robert Epstein passed away Tuesday night at his home in Astoria Park, Queens. He was 31. RIP. And thanks for being one of the good people.

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