Dear Boy, Oh God! The Ultimate Keith Moon Quiz: The Answers

Chris C. writes:

There was a rather select entry to the PhD in ‘Moon Studies’ exam but, as seems to be the case with GCSE ‘A’ Level exams in the wider world of academia (um, for our American readers and responders, that’s the exams 18-yr olds take in the UK – Tony), an extremely high standard was displayed, with no students scoring less than 27 out of a maximum 30. Adjudicating Professors Fletcher and Charlesworth were very impressed and would be happy to confer degree status on all those students who entered.

The questions can be found here.

The answers were as follows:

1 a) Linda & Lesley; b) Barham Primary; c) bugle
2 a) Tony Brind; b) a fez; c) Doug Sandon
3 a) ‘I Need You’ (but we also gave a point for ‘The Ox’ as we failed to differentiate between shared and solo compiositions); b) Pete’s dog Towser & John’s dog Jason; c) ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’
4 a) Oldfield; b) Crown & Cushion; c) Golden Grove
5 a) Carlo Little; b) A cricket bat; c) £120,000
6 a) Rod Stewart; b) Max Bygraves; c) Tramp
7 a) Lilac; b) Prestwick; c) Seychelles
8 a) Old Park Ridings; b) 3650 Knobhill Drive; c) Harry Nilsson
9 a) Keith’s car had been spotted by police with inflatable women’s legs sticking out of its window and they thought they were real; b) Peter Cook; c) Steve McQueen
10 a) JD Clover; b) ‘In My Life’; c) Daughter Mandy; Waldorf Astoria, NY; January 17, 1990

Two questions proved a bit tricky, insofar as the answers were not to be found in Dear Boy, specifically 3c and 9b. This was a deliberate tactic on the part of the adjudicators to differentiate between those students whose knowledge of the subject was derived solely from Dear Boy and those who were prepared to cast their net further. The answer to 3c (‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ not ‘My Generation’) can be found on various Who websites, while the answer to 9b (Peter Cook not Graham Chapman) can be found in Dougal Butler’s illustrated memoirs.

Congratulations to the two students who scored a maximum 30 points, who we will contact directly to pose the following tie-breaker: “Which in your opinion is the one Who song on which Keith’s drumming is absolutely his best performance ever and, in less than 100 words, say why?”

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