Dear Kim…

I can’t claim to have known Kim McLagan (nee Kerrigan, formerly Moon) too well. Except to say that during the one weekend I spent with her and her husband Ian back in early 1997, she told me about her early life than I had ever imagined existed. Kim was one of the first people I had tracked down for my Keith Moon biography but among the very last to be interviewed. Only when she acquiesced and I finally met with her did I understand her initial reticence. If you’ve read the biography, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I came home from that trip to Austin with an entirely different view of my subject. Keith Moon, to whom Kim was married from 1966-1975, and with whom she had a daughter, Mandy, was not always a lovable rogue. Some of his treatment towards Kim was despicable and I ended up saying as much in my book. My only regret in doing so was that after publication of Dear Boy, Kim was repeatedly approached by a mainstream media that expected her to retell her story over and over again. Very quickly, she closed the door on that part of her life once more. I can hardly blame her, and I can only offer sincere gratitude that she chose to share so much of her story with a stranger like myself.

Kim McLagan: an angel. RIP.

Kim was one of life’s sweet angels. Some people have a certain innocence about them, a particular purity, a visible glow, and Kim was one of them. She was the kind of person of whom you only heard good tings. And for all that she had suffered with Keith, whom she loved greatly, she had found eventual – and lasting – happiness with Ian McLagan. They had 28 years of marriage under their belts. They were so happy together.

Kim died yesterday in a car crash in Texas. My heart goes out to her husband Ian, whose love for her was so apparent and so complete. It also goes out to her daughter Mandy. At the risk of spouting such a major cliché: if there’s a heaven, it just gained another angel.


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